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Curricular Internships 

The curricular internship is addressed to all students willing to carry out a work experience or training activity to complete their university career, by obtaining the credits provided in their curriculum.

The student can attend for an internship period at extra University organizations (companies, public institutions, NGOs, etc.) or at internal University organizations (laboratories, research centres, administrative services, etc.), both in Italy and abroad, provided these organizations have an agreement with this University or are willing to enter an agreement with it.

How to apply for a curricular internship?

  1. The Student must check his/her curriculum For further information about the curricular internship download and carefully read the “Manuale” and the Student's Handbook or  turn to the Degree programme secretariat.
  2. Carry out the e-learning training courses that the University of Bologna offers to all its students as part of the programme to promote Health and Safety in study and research areas
  3. Submit an online application/Obtain the academic tutor's validation By using his/her institutional credentials, the student must log in to the dedicated software application denominated Servizio Tirocini Online (Online Traineeship Service). Here he/she can: reply to an internship offer or submit his/her own application for an internship. At the same time, the student is required to select and enter an academic tutor (see the Annex entitled "Elenco tutor accademici", "List of academic tutors"). The academic tutor shall validate the learning outcomes and the work activities included in the internship activity by using the dedicated software application.
  4. Receive the Internship Committee's approval The Committee shall evaluate all the internship applications received in so far by and no later the day before the meeting session of the Committee.
  5. Upload the Internship Programme The student must download his/her Internship Programme from the dedicated software application, obtain the required signatures/approvals, and then upload it.
  6. Print the Attendance Log Only after the Traineeship and Placement Office has validated the uploaded documents, the student shall download his/her Attendance Log.

Execution of the internship activity

The student is required to record the work and training activities carried out during the internship on the Attendance Log. This document must be signed on a daily basis by the company tutor.

What to do at the end of the internship period?

  1. Write the Final Report The student must write down a final report on the internship activity, and upload it on the Attendance Log by using the dedicated software application. In this way, the academic tutor can control and validate the uploaded documents.
  2. Compile the online final questionnaire

Recording of the internship activity

At the end of each month, after checking all received documents, the Traineeship and Placement Office shall forward to the professor responsible for the internship activity the student's relevant administrative procedure for the recording. The student is not required to register himself/herself on AlmaEsami.

Internships and Placement Office

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