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Final examination deadlines 

Schedule of the final examinations and deadlines of online applications
Deadline 1
Online submission of the application for the final examination
Deadline 2
Deadline 3
Online approval by the dissertation’s supervisor
Final examination date
16 May 2017
(19 may  with extra fee)
23 May 2017 25 May 2017 13 June 2017
16 May 2017
(20 June with extra fee)
20 June 2017 22 June 2017 12,13 July 2017
15 September 2017
(19 September with extra fee)
25 September 2017 27 September 2017 16,17 October 2017
15 September 2017
(21 November with extra fee)
27 November 2017 29 November 2017 18,19,20 December 2017
16 January 2018
(23 January with extra fee)
24 January 2018 26 January 2018 15-16 February 2018
16 January 2018
(22 February with extra fee)
26 February 2018 28 February 2018 26-27-28 March 2018

 Please read carefully “ Procedures and deadlines” and the other files attached.

“Procedures and deadlines”

Deadline 1 - Online submission of the application for the final examination:

Before that deadline (h. 23.59) you must:

  • Fill in the online application on the  even if there are some exams which still have to be registered
  • Pay the graduation fee according to the procedure indicated in the online application. When the payment has been done, the application is considered submitted (for more information)

If you pay later than Deadline 1 , you will pay 30 euros as extra fees within 7 days later, 60 euros as extra fees from the 8th day till the deadline with extra fee.

Deadline 2 Requisites

Before that deadline you must:

  • Have paid all due fees of the whole university career
  • Have successfully passed and registered  the exams listed in the study plans (check the registrations)
  • Have filled out the Almalaurea survey online. The Almalaurea link will be displayed during the online application process and within some hours the registration will be updated.
  • Have inserted the key words , the abstract and have uploaded the final dissertation in .pdf format. It is not possible to upload the dissertation after 23.59  of the deadline 2.

The Abstract must be no longer than 2000 characters and it must include a summary of the dissertation, the methodology and main results.

The final dissertation must have 80-120 pages. Each page must have 32-35 lines, each line must have 65-70 characters of an established type (times, courier, helvetica). The academic year has to be written on the frontispiece.

Deadline 3 Online approval by the dissertation’s supervisor

Before that deadline (h.23.59) the professor supervising your dissertation must have approved it. If the deadline is approaching and you have not received that approval yet, you should contact the supervisor. You cannot change the dissertation after it has been approved by the supervisor.

Changing of the final examination date

If you would like to change the final examination date after you have submitted the online application, within the same academic year, you must:

  • Send as soon as possible an e-mail to Student Secretary and the staff will cancel your application
  • Enter again and choose another date, without paying any additional fee, within the deadline of the extra fee.

If you cannot graduate by March 2018 (the academic year changes) , you must send as soon as possible an e-mail to Student Secretary and the staff will cancel your application. You will have to pay the fees of the academic year 2017/2018 and then you will be able to submit the new online application when the new final examination dates will be published. Please, read carefully the information about fees for students graduating before the last exam session at the following link.

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