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Our students 

What do our students say? Here below some testimonials.

 Sofia Cornali - My name is Sofia Cornali and I am a student at the Master Course in International Affairs and Diplomacy (SID), curriculum in International Politics and Markets (IPM). I’ve been living and studying in Forlì for four years now, since I also did my SID Bachelor’s Degree here from 2012 to 2015, and I still remain enthusiastic of everything this campus represents. Even more so since I chose the IPM curriculum, which allowed me to acquire skills that will surely be useful for future employment (for example the course in Quantitative Methods for Social Research) and better understand aspects of the bond between diplomacy and private actors that I had erroneously ignored. Following courses in English trains the mind, broadens horizons and puts students from diverse international backgrounds in contact with each another. With IPM I understood that in front of me I have more than the ‘usual’ diplomacy or international relations door, and I learned to understand better the world immediately around me. I’m truly happy with the curriculum I chose and thankful for the preparation that it gave me: at the end of the first year I realized that all of the courses I had to take, put together, made sense. It’s a new course and the administrative organs are always ready to make it better. This is because Unibo is a University that listens, gives voices to students and has constant will to improve. Furthermore, it offers many international study and internship opportunities (for example I did my ERASMUS+ at the University of Lisbon, Portugal) and it has highly esteemed professors that are more than willing to help students out. Bureaucracy and administrative practices, if they have any faults, absolutely do not let students feel their burden. In sum, it’s the perfect environment for students to study serenely. I would like to add, however, that in my experience this environment was not only a simple mix of factors that allowed me to study as I wished, but also a catalyst to understand myself and my academic and human worth. Thanks to this University I understood what place I want to give myself in the future. This, and many other things, brought me to have a profound sense of gratitude for what this University and its professors can give to their students. Would I do it again? A thousand times.

 Antonino Stramandino - When I decided to enrol myself for the two-year Master’s degree in International Relations and Diplomatic Affairs at the University of Bologna, I was sure that the course held in Forlì campus was the best choice. I had already attended a faculty of Political Science, but following my dissertation on the history of US-Israel relations, I wanted to learn more in depth about Middle Eastern region and International Security.
Indeed, area studies represent a point of excellence at the School of Political Science in Forlì. The curriculum on International Politics and Security is very demanding, but highly qualifying. I found knowledgeable and helpful professors, colleagues who were open to discussions and exchange of ideas and experiences, a dynamic and challenging environment, which gives you the chance of identifying your own limitations, your weaknesses and how to overcome them.
During my second year, I had the opportunity to undertake two training opportunities; the first one at the Italian-Albanian Chamber of Commerce and later on at the Embassy of Italy in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Both have been helpful opportunities that allowed me to understand which professional career I would like to embark on, following my master’s degree. As a consequence, it’s an experience that I would strongly recommend to everyone who is interested in.

 Maria Giulia Minnucci - I started this master degree by chance, thanks to a friend of mine, but it has been a great decision. Even though the IPM curriculum is pretty young, it is characterized by a high level of interdisciplinary attitude. In this curriculum economics and politics meet each other to create a unique learning experience. After my undergraduate degree, I was looking for a master program that would have helped me to focus on international relations, but at the same time to learn more about international economics, which is mandatory in order to understand today's world. That's why I decided to join IPM, but what I found was even more than that. Truth is, in this master course the economic matters are looked from different points of view, always considering several perspectives of international politics. But there's even more: I was able to customize my path down the years, thanks to the number of courses offered by the whole University in Forlì. Another thing I loved was studying Russian language. Even in this case I started by chance, but thanks to the highly competent professors, now I do really think this is going to be a useful skill for my future in this field. I even spent a semester abroad, at the University of Adelaide in Australia, thanks to the many opportunities offered by the University of Bologna.

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