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Final Exam 

The final assessment requires that graduating students write an original research project, that may be either experimental or theoretical.
In order to be admitted to the final examination the student should qualify his/her elegibility by demostrating during a colloqium her/his capabilities as a well trained and experienced bioinformatician. By this the student will acquire the Prerequisites of the Thesis Work (3CFU). The colloqium will assess the student's skillness in the main subjects included in the master course and specifically on the skillness required by the thesis work. Colloquia will be held one month before the final exam. Depending on the colloqium outcome the student can or can not be admitted to the final dissertation.

The final dissertation will be held in front of the Master commission and it consists in an oral presentation of the thesis original work, its results and future perspectives.

The Final Examination are scheduled as follows:

I session:
July 26, 2017 - Lab C room, via San Giacomo 9/2

II session:
September 26, 2017 - Lab C room, via San Giacomo 9/2

III session:
March 9, 2018 - Lab C room, via San Giacomo 9/2

Administrative procedures
IMPORTANT: Starting the 1st session 2011-2012, the request for admission must be submitted ONLY online.
Please note: Request for admission (LINK)
The request for admission to the final examination is valid only for one session, not for the following sessions.
Therefore, if a student does not get his degree in the session for which he/she is admitted, he/she must renew the request by the deadline established for the new session.

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