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HEM Graduate Testimonials 

Take a look at our graduates sharing their opinions about the programme


 Umutoni Rukatsi
  Graduate 2016
  United Nation/Unicef 
  Monitoring and ​Information ​Management Officer


«I liked that the program was designed to also cater for people with no economics background. The economics crash course at the beginning of the course was very helpful and laid the foundation for the rest of the course. The courses were planned in such a way that allowed me to understand how health systems are organized in both the developed and developing world and I strongly believe that I am equipped to work in any country irrespective of the level of development. I personally felt that the professors had a vested interest in our success as evidenced by the different meetings that were organised that allowed students to meet potential employers and the different internship opportunities that were made available. Thesis writing for me was a great experience, I was assigned an amazing supervisor who really understood my research topic and offered valuable advice every step of the way.»

  Aurelija Navickaitė

   Graduate 2016

«My goal was to gain knowledge in health economics and management what University of Bologna perfectly fulfilled by offering a package of various subjects relevant in health area. From my point of view, HEM programme is adjusted to people with different backgrounds and that makes the programme attractive to students from all over the world. I strongly confirm that the experience received in Bologna during two years was valuable in both - my future career and personal international experience itself.»


 Abdul Jabbar Omar Alsaleh

Graduate 2016
  ​AdRes s.r.l. Health Economics & Outcomes Research

«First of all I would like to say that I really enjoyed studying in Bologna, and that experience for me was unforgettable experience that I would always choose to live again If I had a the choice again. Speaking about HEM, and since I am still connected with HEM as a tutor for two courses, I would like to say that HEM is a very dynamic and lively program evolving every day in a very positive way, and I really admire the effort and commitment of HEM’s people to keep their program always up-to-date.»


 Mesfin Geremew Genie

 Graduate 2015
 University Ca’Foscari
 PhD Candidate

«My time in Bologna turned out to be extremely useful in that it paved the way for my current doctoral study, where I am still extending my research in the field of health economics. I am very lucky to have learned scholarly attitudes and various research skills from the faculty members who were so friendly and helpful and the program's unique mix of disciplines such as law, economics and management helped shape my interest in the field, confirmed my ambition to continue research in health economics.»


 Nicola Mazzanti

  Graduate 2015
  Payer Strategy Manager Haematology Franchise and Breast Area


«The added value of a programme such as Health Economics and Management is that you can share experience with expert professors and students from all over the world. I also had the chance to go abroad as an Erasmus exchange student (at the University of Oslo) and I had a great experience. Today, I have the honour to work for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, which is strongly oriented toward research and has an innovative view in the field of health care, and I can now state that this was  thanks to the experience with the programme»


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