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On-line study plan 

When to submit your study plan online

Planning of your study plan

  • ​First term: ​from 18 ​September ​to 13 October 2017
  • Second term: from 15 ​January ​to 2 February 2018

The same topics can be chosen in first and second term.
Students should submit their choice from the first term available, so they can sit the exam during winter session (for activities taking place in the first semester).
In second term option students can modify their choices or add activities starting in the second semester.  

Class year Credits

1st year

No choices

2nd year

See course structure diagram

Electives for 12 credits from the list below: (12 - 24 CFU)

  •  Only regular students can submit the study plan online, thus students enrolled in their third year;
  • For teaching activities of the first semester, students are kindly invited to submit their study plan in the first term, or they will not be able to sit the exam in winter session.

Should you miss the deadlines, you will not be able to graduate before March of the academic year when the study plan has been submitted, thus you will not graduate in due time! Only in this case you will have to submit your study plan with the support of the Students Administrative Office (Segreteria Studenti). 


For administrative/technical problems, please contact students administrative office "

Segreteria Studenti

Login Studenti Online for the submission of study plan

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