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Tuition fees, Scholarships and Financial Aid 

While applying for the master degree programme, do not forget the wide range of scholarship opportunities available for Italian and international students.

Fees for all students

Up to € 2.402,00 (per year).

Starting from academic year 2017/2018 the University of Bologna will have a new system for payment of tuition fees. Students will pay according to ISEE (family income).

Up to 23.000,00 € ​of ISEE is no tax area, thus no tuition fees. Above this limit the tuituion fee is calculated according to specific tax breack for lower incomes, and students must apply within 15th December 2017.

How to calculate ISEE (link in Italian as you have to go to INPS or CAF, English version will be available soon).

International students cannot have ISEE, but they need to provide the required documents (legalized by the Italian Embassy) upon control of the family income. More details will be available soon.

Exemptions and reductions

Talented students with low income are entitled to get allowances, financial aid or partial exemptions from ER.GO, the Regional Agency for the Right to Study. Visit ER.GO website to get more details:

Scholarships and financial aid

  • Scholarships or benefits provided by the University of Bologna can be found here.
  • Moreover, each year the Collegio Superiore offers some scholarships (including accommodation and tax exemption) for students who enrol to Master Degrees within the University of Bologna.
  • Each year TEaM grants small scholarships to the best first-year students, to the best graduates, to undertake research for the thesis abroad and to work as tutor of the Degree Programme. More details available here.

Study Grants for international students

  • Unibo action 2 - Merit-based study grants (11.000€ gross) for international students assigned on the basis of GRE test scores. (Deadline  Expired).
  • Unibo action 1: tuition fee waivers to deserving international students. Evaluation criteria are based on GRE ​test. ​Deadline: 12 June 2017





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