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Accomodation opportunities

To find accommodation in Bologna, several opportunities are available:

1)      For income-based benefits (education grant, tuition fees exemption/reimbursement, accommodation at a reduced fee), please check the ER.GO website.

2) You may contact the SAIS (Student Accommodation and Information Service) for support in the search for housing in the private market and for help with rental agreements. 

The SAIS supports exchange students in finding accommodation in the university residences, colleges, short-stay accommodation or in private rented property. The SAIS also provides non-EU citizen students with the certificate of housing availability, which is a prerequisite for the issue of an entry visa.
The service is free of charge. 

3) HousingAnywhere Service
This service provides exchange students with the possibility to swap their accommodation with exchange students from other countries.
Students from the University of Bologna who are about to spend a period of study abroad can advertise their accommodation by logging in the HousingAnywhere website with their institutional e-mail address ( Searching for an accommodation can be done by selecting the location of the host university on the web site.
Vice versa, exchange students coming to the University of Bologna can search for an accommodation in Bologna or one of the other 4 city campuses. They can also advertise their own accommodation if their home university has subscribed as well to HousingAnywhere.
The service is free of charge. 

4) Borsino Er-go

It might be useful for short term accomodations

5)  You may also try on this web page:

6) Other websites where you can find accommodation are: 
Students of the University of Bologna who need to register a rental contract or who take over the lease of another student and have to register the new contract, can contact the Rental registration desk run by the University of Bologna.

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