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Advisory Board and International Consultancy Panel 

The Degree programme created a network of public bodies and professionals to monitor the quality of its activities.

​Advisory Board

An advisory board is called every year to give advice on the programme, to update contents, and build joint initiatives with industry.

Members of the Advisory Board - 2017:

Name Surname Job title
Vito Belladonna CEO ATERSIR Ag Territoriale ER per i servizi idrici e rifiuti
Tommaso Bonino Manager SRM reti e mobilità
Christian Calzolari Manager ANAS
Paolo Casadei Project manager KERAKOLL
Federico Ferretti Responsible for the Drinking waters division Reti potabili IRETI
Riccardo Lamperti Pavement Engineer SAPABA - Gruppo MACCAFERRI
Umberto Magnani Manager UNIECO
Gianfranco Marchi Consultant Enser Soc Ingegneria
Franco Taddia ​Member Ordine Ingegneri Bologna

    International Consultancy Panel

    An international consultancy panel composed by both industry and academic members is active in providing advice on international positioning and contents of the programme, as well as on the adequacy of the curriculum in order to admit students completing the programme to Ph.D. programmes.

    Members - 2017:

    • AKT II (UK)

      Eng. Carlo Diaco

      Columbia University (USA)

      Prof. Raimondo Betti

      Rosetti Marino (IT)

      Eng. Fabrizio Fedi

      University of Leuven (B)

      Prof. Guido de Roeck

      University of Miami (USA)

      Prof. Antonio Nanni

      University of Newcastle (AU)

      Prof.Anna Giacomini

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