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Francesco Angelelli 

Student profile
Francesco Angelelli
Class of 2010-2011
Civil Engineering, Infrastructures and Transportation Engineering

Bachelor at University of Bologna

Study abroad: University of Southampton (Erasmus)

I have taken the decision to study Civil Engineering because it’s probably the study field which best fits with the person I am and my personal goals and achievements. I’ve always been a curious person, a person who likes challenging himself, and most importantly somebody incredibly interested in the nature of the processes surrounding us in our everyday’s life.
Although I was really happy with the course I had just left, as soon as I completed my Italian bachelor degree in ‘Ingegneria Civile e Ambientale’ at the University of Bologna, I had the feeling that something was still missing in my student career. Fortunately, I got to know that a new international course in civil engineering was going to be held at the University of Bologna.
This really attracted me and inspired me new motivation.
I have always wanted to become more ‘international’ and do some international experiences,
but for various reasons it was an ambition that I had never fulfilled. But this time I really had the chance to push myself forward in doing something new and challenging.
I remember I really enjoyed having the chance to contemporary study civil engineering and see my English skills improve day by day.
Another thing that I really enjoyed is that we weren’t so many student in that class, and this has helped us a lot in getting all very well along with each other.
During the first year I decided to study abroad for my second and last year of master’s degree.
Thanks to the Erasmus Exchange Programme I‘ve had the chance to study and prepare my master’s thesis at the University of Southampton in the UK.
This was a great chance for me to complete my final achievements of becoming totally comfortable with my English and contemporary finishing off my university career.
What I can say now is that I am really happy that I had the chance to study at the International Master Course in Civil Engineering, because of the high level of courses attended, and because it gave me the chance to open my mind and become more ‘international’.

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