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Marco Contri 

Student profile
Marco Contri
Class of 2009-2010
Civil Engineering, Structures

 Bachelor at University of Bologna
Study Abroad: Aalborg University, Denmark (Erasmus).
Presently working in a consultant company, Copenhagen.

Studying abroad has been a unique experience. The approach is substantially different if compared with the Italian one. The exams at the Aalborg University were ´group project based´ that means big projects where the candidates had free hand to choose their subjects and set their own goal. The groups had rooms available 24h and 7 days a week were the perfect mean for an efficient work. It is very similar as the real working life: tasks to solve in groups, challenges to overcome and time for doing some research. Moreover I had access to the laboratories for tests and experimentation also in the week-ends, fantastic!
I really recommend any kind of experience abroad for anybody. I was afraid of losing time and not being able to follow the courses but then I asked myself: ´when I will be old, how much would it matter if I would graduate ½ a year later or so for leaving such wonderful experience?´ Well, my answer made me leave and now I live in Denmark and have a stable job in Copenhagen. My suggestion is: take the chance and live actively your life, you won´t regret it! The doors that such an experience opens are over any expectation. Good luck!


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