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Admission and entry requirement 

How to apply: entry requirements, admission procedures, international students

Entry Requirements

To profitably attend a second-level degree course in Science for the conservation-restoration of cultural heritage it is necessary to have acquired basic knowledge in the scientific disciplines (chemistry, physics, geology, mathematics, informatics, etc.) as well as further knowledge in conservation (archaeology, art history, architectural restoration, etc.).

The admission to the second-level degree course is subordinated to the verification of the candidate's suitable personal knowledge that can be verified through the analysis of his/her curriculum to which an interview can follow according to fixed modalities and criteria set up by the second-level Degree Course Council

Moreover, the following entry requirements are required in order to be admitted to the second-level degree course:

- a degree in one of the following classes, or a certificate of study obtained abroad and recognised as being suitable:

ex-D.M. 270: under graduate degree L-43 -Tecnologie per la conservazione e restauro dei beni culturali

ex-D.M. 509/99: under graduate degree Classe 41 - Tecnologie per la conservazione e restauro dei beni culturali

Previgente ordinamento: D.U. “Tecnico per la diagnostica applicata al restauro e conservazione dei beni culturali”

- previous three/four-year University system degree:

BSc in Art Conservation

BSc in Art Restoration (of Cultural heritage)

BSc in Heritage/Historic preservation

BASc/BAS - Bachelor of Applied Science

BSc in Science

Knowledge of the English language (level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference) is also required, which can be certified by:

  • University of Bologna Linguistic Centre (CLA-UNIBO)
  • Linguistic Centres of other Universities;
  • Internationally recognised language certifications, such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc. (minimum scores to be considered equivalent to B2 level being the following: IELTS 5,5; TOEFL PBT 507-557; TOEFL CBT 180-217; TOEFL IBT 80-99; Cambridge First Certificate (FCE); Trinity College of London ISE II),
  • Entitled English schools.

Graduates in a degree programme taught in English, English native speakers and graduates in English language and literature or equivalent are exempted from this assessment. The Degree Programme may require students to recover any initial deficit, if their knowledge of the English language is below the B2 level on admission.

In accordance with the agreement signed by the University of Bologna and the Art Institute of Nanjing (China), the Chinese student coming from this Institute will be admitted to the second level degree course only if they have satisfactory completed the first year of study jointly organised and implemented with this second level degree course in Science for the conservation-restoration of cultural heritage.

Admission to the second-level degree course is subject to the possession of predefined curricular requirements and to the assessment of suitable personal preparation ascertained through one's University career. This may be followed by an interview according to modalities, criteria and procedures decided upon by the Degree Course Council and duly published on the University website.

If the basic knowledge cannot be certified, the admission to the second-level Degree Course is subject to a preliminary assessment by a Commission that ascertains, by means of interview, the skills and competencies required.

The Commission, appointed by the council of the second-level degree course, will arrange a schedule, from September to December, for the interviews, which will be published on the University's website.

If the Commission considers the level of the student's knowledge and competences to be satisfactory, the student is allowed to enrol in the second-level Degree Course in Science for the conservation-restoration of cultural heritage.

The assessment of a suitable personal preparation is considered to be satisfied by the possession of the curricular requirements, however ascertained.

International students

International applicants have to complete the following administrative procedures in order to be enrolled at the University of Bologna.

EU students and Non-EU students with equivalence to Italian citizens

Once admitted to SCORE, EU and Non-Eu students with equivalence to Italian citizens with a foreign degree shall contact the Italian Embassy-Consulate offices in the country in which the diploma was awarded and get hold of the following documents:

  • university qualification (European Union citizens can self-authenticate the academic qualification)
  • Declaration of Value for the qualification issued by the Italian Embassy-Consulate offices in the country in which the diploma was awarded
  • a certificate issued by the competent academic authority, duly validated by the Italian Embassy-Consulate offices, with details of examinations passed and the study programmes for each individual examination taken
  • any other certificates regarding studies completed
  • two passport-size photographs

Identify the address of the nearest Consulate
Study in Italy - Information from MIUR (Ministry of Education, University and Research)

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Guide for international students

Non EU students

Non EU-students applying to SCORE are foreign citizens from states not belonging to the European Union who are resident abroad at the time of applying for university admission, and who are not legally classified as equivalent to Italian citizens.

Non EU- students shall immediately get in touch with an Italian Embassy or Consulate where the degree was issued and follow the procedure:

  • apply for the Pre-enrolment at the University of Bologna to SCORE (Laurea Magistrale in Science for the conservation-restoration of cultural heritage) 
  • apply for the "Declaration of Value"
  • apply for entry visa for reasons of study

VERY IMPORTANT: Non EU- students are admitted to enrollment conditionally on the legal validity of their first degree, which is officially declared by the Italian Authorities in their own country, and on the possession of a visa for study reasons.
Therefore, enrolment at SCORE is subject to the full compliance of the above procedure.







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