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Lingua Inglese - vecchio ordinamento quinquennale 

Materiali didattici.

Insegnamento disattivato

This course was held for the last time in the academic year 2003/04 (by Prof. C. Comellini).
The contents of this course are no longer examinable material. Students intending to sit the Lingua Inglese exam must now prepare the ‘Dispensa’ Reading Texts (see below). 

Examinations (written only) will continue to be held, three times per year (at the beginning of June, at the beginning of September & during the month of January). The exact dates of the exams will be found on the exam enrolment webpage (sito del Corso di laurea in Scienze della Comunicazione).

Important notice for ‘laureandi’: students who intend to graduate at the degree session immediately following the exam may request priority marking of their examination scripts. 

In order to sit the examination, students must be properly enrolled. In order to enrol they must use the online enrolment system (please note that enrolments close 5 days before the date of the examination). The examination is held in the computer laboratory and students therefore need to ensure that they have a functioning ‘account’ for computer access. Problems with non-functioning accounts cannot be dealt with on the day of the examination. 

The (written-only) examination consists of one paper, divided into 2 sections:

  1. Exercises on English grammar
  2. Text comprehension exercises based on an extract from a text included in the dispensa Reading Texts (NB: versione 2004/05 - disponibile presso la Copisteria Mark Uno, Piazza Verdi 5)

Students are required to complete both Section 1 (Grammar) and Section 2 (Reading Texts). For a selection of past examination papers, see below.

Please note that the contents of Prof. Comellini’s 2003/04 course ceased to be examinable material as of June 2008. 

Section 1

This will consist of exercises on: (i) syntax of clauses, (ii) use of determiners, (iii) verb tenses,  (iv) transformations of clauses, (v) word formation.

In order to prepare for this section of the examination, students may use any commercially available grammar of the English language. Suitable practice material can be found both on line and in published works.

For exercises on (i) syntax of clauses, (ii) use of determiners, & (iii) verb tenses, students may refer to past examination papers of the Prova propedeutica di lingua inglese (these can be downloaded from the following page: scroll down to: ‘Prove d’esame e soluzioni’.

The relevant sections of this exam are: A (syntax of clauses), B (determiners) & E3 (verb tenses). For practice material regarding (iv) transformations of clauses & (v) word formation, students may consult past Lingua Inglese examinations papers (available below) or any of the textbooks designed for preparing the Cambridge ‘First Certificate’ examination, including the following:

Haines, S. & Stewart, B. New First Certificate Masterclass (Oxford U. Press) 
Acklam, R. First Certificate Gold, (Longman)

Section 2

The examination will include a text (or text extract) from the dispensa ‘Reading Texts’, which students who intend to do this part of the examination should read carefully. (The dispensa, which contains ten texts, is available from Copy Center Mark Uno, Piazza Verdi 5, 40126 Bologna). Copies are also available (for consultation) in the library of the Dipartimento di Discipline della Comunicazione. 

For the first six chapters, linguistic commentaries (explanations of grammatical constructions, notes on the lexis) are available for download:

Exam commission: P. Taylor, D. Verzoni
Exam registration: (‘verbalizzazione’): exam results are notified to the candidate via Almaesami and then registered automatically. In order to have the result entered in their 'libretti', students should present themselves during office hours (‘ricevimento’) from September to June.

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