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Recognition of a previously-carried out working activity as a curricular internship

Procedure step by step

If you have any work experience that is relevant with CLABE subjects and goals, you may apply for its recognition as a curricular internship.

You can apply either after such working activity has already been completed, or while you are still working the job/internship. It can be in Italy or abroad, within the public or the private sector.

In order for the activity to be acknowledged, it is essential that you first include it in your individual study plan. After you hand in all the required documents (see below) to the Internship Office, CLaBE Board will assess your application and decide whether or not to accept your request.

To apply bring to the Internship Office:

  • A copy of the contract;
  • A headed letter (from a job/internship representative) briefly listing your duties or job description, stamped and signed;
  • A final report where you list your activities, and how you think they impacted on your CV/academic career
  • The recognition form (see attachments), filled out and signed.

For National Voluntary Service and work practice (praticantati) periods: please refer to the document list available at this link.
For the recognition of acrivities carried out outside of Italy: if not available, the copy of the contract is not mandatory, as long as you can still provide a certification with your job description and work periods (produced by your employer or intenship mentor).

The decision about the recognition of the working activity, at the incontestable discretion of the CLABE Board, will be communicated by the Internship Office.