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Transferring to CLABE from another University or other Unibo Degree Programme & Credit Recognition


Students from other Italian or foreign universities willing to transfer to CLABE will have to follow the same admissions process as all other applicants to be selected in the programme (please refer to the admissions page with the call for applications and its deadlines). If and after you successfully got through the CLABE selection, the next steps are:

  1. (only if you are transferring from an Italian University) submitting a specific transfer request from the University you're leaving.
  2. (only if you wish to transfer to CLABE from another Unibo degree programme) go to Studenti Online and use the online procedure to complete the application.
  3. (If you wish to transfer from a non-Italian university) follow the standard enrolment procedure as in the call for applications;
  4. pay the first instalment (or the full amount) of tour tuition fees (and the transfer fee, if you are transferring from another Italian University).


Recognition of academic credists prevuously gained

Once you are admitted, if you wish, you can apply for the recognition within CLABE of the exams you took at your previous University course. Transfers with recognition of exams are acceptable only if you have more than 12 years of schooling and if the modules where taught (and the relative exams taken) in English Language. We cannot recognise any credits from activities taught in a language other than English.

The recognition is not to be taken for granted: requests would be assessed by the Degree Programme Board, and check the extent to which the exams you took in your previous University course compare and match CLABE’sThe Degree Programme Board decides also on the possibility of enrolling you in a programme year other than the first year, according to the number of credits recognised.

Please note that there is a specific procedure to be followed, with charges and documents to be obtained from your previous University and, in case of non Italian Universities, from the Italian Embassy in the country of reference, in order for the recognition to be finalised. You are warmly invited to read the relevant information at these links:

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