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1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION - Interdipartimental programme

All admitted students coming from different countries (both those who want to take the degree in Business and Economics and those who take one of the two degrees in Political Sciences  will be admitted into the 3 year undergraduate international bachelor degree course in Business and Economics (Corso di Laurea in Business and Economics, CLABE), an italian degree that follows the standard European system of university studies, based on ECTS Credits. The courses of the first year are in fact valid for all the three degree courses, so for a purpose of administrative efficiency, we form one class including students of the three degree courses. From the second year onwards students will be in different classes (in Italy).

The call for application 2019/2020 will be available in March 2019. As a reference, you can read the indications of the current academic year.

An intensive program at the Buenos Aires will include the first year courses, starting in January;  at the end of the Buenos Aires period , beginning of September, students will move to Italy and will be able to go on with the second year of the Bachelor's Degree in Business and Economics (held at the Bologna center, in English language) in the School of Economics and Management. The third year of the Bachelor's Degree in Business and Economics can be followed in Bologna or Buenos Aires (or in other univrsities with the Erasmus or Overseas programs).

A similar programme will allow students to enroll in the School of Political Science and follow a first year in Buenos Aires and then proceed with the second and third year in Italy with the Bachelor's Degree in Political, Social and International Sciences (Corso di Laurea in Scienze Politiche, Sociali e Internazionali; held at the Bologna center; in Italian language) or the Bachelor's Degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences (Corso di Laurea in Scienze Internazionali e Diplomatiche; held at the Forlì center; in Italian language).





Degree Programme (place and languages of the courses) (place and languages of the courses) (place and languages of the courses)
Business and Economics Buenos Aires
(Spanish and English)
a) Buenos Aires
(Spanish and English)*
b) Bologna (English)*
c) mobility eg. Europe/Overseas**
Scienze Politiche Sociali e Internazionali Buenos Aires
(Spanish and English)
a) Bologna (Italian)
b) mobility eg. Europe/Overseas**
Scienze Internazionali e Diplomatiche Buenos Aires
(Spanish and English)
Forlì (Italian) a) Forlì (Italian)
b) mobility eg. Europe/Overseas**

** International Opportunities Unibo* students can decide to pursue their 3rd academic year in Unibo Bologna or to send their application for the study exchange program with the Unibo venue in Buenos Aires, for one or both semesters, according to the "Semesters@Buenos Aires Campus" project.                 

Please look at its "call for application" as a reference ​                       



The official call 2018-2019 for the Bachelor's Degree in Business and Economics has been published on the right of this page, containing all details to participate in the admission process for the Undergraduate program at the Buenos Aires branch of the University of Bologna

The call for the Bachelor courses of the School of Political Science will be available in the internet site of that School


Admission process: based on an interview, that includes motivation, mathematical and logical reasoning, general culture, and languages. The interview will be held in English. Spanish language will be an additional element to be considered in the admission process.

Admitted students who will possess a secondary school diploma by the end of July (this usually happens for students coming from countries of the boreal hemisphere) it will be possibile (optional) to follow one or two courses in Bologna, between September and December of the same year.

Students who, at the time of the admission process, do not already possess a secondary school diploma but will obtain it in December (this usually happens for students coming from countries of the austral hemisphere), will start the programme on the 1st of February of the following year.

Students coming from countries other than Argentina, must be in Buenos Aires within the 15th of January, in order to start the process to obtain a visa, to find the accommodation and to get familiar with the city; this is particularly important for students whose mother tongue is not Spanish, in order to pratice the language.

At the beginning of February normal courses will start and will go on with lectures and exams until end of August; some second/third chances to take exams (for students who do not pass during the first round) can be scheduled until the beginning of September.
Classes of the second year (in Italy) will start in September of the same year and the schedule will be pubblished later than the first week of the month (usually classes start on the third week of the month; students are suggested to arrive in Bologna by the second week of September).
All the administrative procedures to move from the first to the second year will be done with the assistance of the staff of the University of Bologna, at the branch in Buenos Aires and at the centers in Italy.

The cost that each student has to pay to take part in the admission process is (EURO) €  60,00; this cost won't in any case be reimboursed.
The cost (just university fee: no expenses for books, travel or accommodation are included) for the Buenos Aires period (ending at the end of the first week of September) has been approved by the Academic Board and is of (EURO) €1,704 (just one installment) of €1,831 (three installments; the cost for the second and third year will be published yearly on
For the Course of Studies in  Business and Economics an update from the first year (according to the estimates of Italian Inflation, which is around 0,5%);

The Universitity of Bologna has a new system of calculating the Academic fees: please read this page to check your position.

4. LEARNING ACTIVITIES at the Buenos Aires branch of the University of Bologna (January - September)

 Students of the Undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics will attend the following courses:

Students who then want to progress to the Undergraduate bachelor’s degree in Political, Social and International Sciences and Students of the Undergraduate bachelor’s degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences during the period February-September 2019  will attend the following courses in Buenos Aires:

 Macroeconomics BA  Spanish  10+2
 English Language BA  English  10
 Microeconomics BA  English  10
 Organizational Behaviour BA  English  10
 Principles of Management BA  English  10
 Statistics BA  Spanish  10
 Total  60