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Classrooms, labs and libraries


Lecture rooms of the School are located in Piazza Scaravilli 2 (12 rooms), Piazza Scaravilli 1/1 (1 room), Via Belle Arti 41 (4 rooms), Via Belle Arti 33 (1 room), Via Ranzani 14/B (4 rooms), Via Ranzani 1 (5 rooms), Via San Giacomo3 (1 room) e Viale Filopanti 5 (1 room). Lecture rooms may differ in size and equipment, though the university wifi services are accessible in all rooms.
Check here the lecture rooms specifics

Study areas

The School includes dedicated study areas:

  • 3 study areas in the Piazza Scaravilli 2 building (1st and 2nd floor);
  • 1 study area in via Belle Arti 41, ground floor;
  • 1 small room for study groups (max. capacity: 8) in via Belle Arti 41, 1st floor.  This room needs to be reserved at least one day in advance at the Via Belle Arti 41 reception desk or sending an email to 

There are more study areas scatterted all over town (chek them here), in the Departmental libraries, as well as within the town libraries.


The School hosts four computer clusters for both class use and private study:

  • Lab Scaravilli, Piazza Scaravilli 2, 1st floor (77 seats)
  • Lab G, Via Ranzani 1, 1st floor (43 seats)
  • Lab T, Via Ranzani 1, 1st floor (18 spots)
  • Lab PT, Via Ranzani 1, Ground floor (10 spots)

Contacts for Lab

Tania Fiorini (Via Ranzani 1 and Via Belle Arti 41 labs), Gabriele Tamburello (Piazza Scaravilli Lab)


Tania Fiorini: +39 051 20 9 5363

Gabriele Tamburello: +39 051 20 9 8692


Scaravilli Lab:

Mondays and Thursdays 9:00 - 17:15; Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays 9:00 to 18:30

G, T, PT Labs (Via Berti Pichat):

Mondays to Fridays 8:00 alle 18:45


The University of Bologna offers an extensive network of structures, library and document reference services. In particular, These are the Deparmental libraries of the School:
Library W. Bigiavi
Library of the Department of Management
Library of the Department of Statistics "Paolo Fortunati"
Library of the Department of Economics

Also, check the complete list of University libraries.