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Curricular internship

Internships research, activation and management.

Internship as part of your study plan

An internship is an opportunity for you to learn, grow, and contribute in a professional setting. At CLABE, you can include an internship to your study plan (within your freely chosen activities box).


Internships have a duration of 25 hours for every CFU assigned, 1CFU=25h (see below). Internships must be completed within 6 months from their start date and interns cannot work more than 40 hours per week.

Where can I do my internship?

- within Unibo (laboratories, research centres, admin offices etc.)
- outside Unibo (private companies, public institutions, professional firms etc, either in Italy or abroad). 
The internship cannot be carried out in a company where the director, executive, manager, busines spartner/associate, or legal representative has family ties to the student applicant (get in touch with the Internship Office for more info about this).

When can I do my internship?

As a CLABE student, you can do your curricular internship starting from the end of 2nd semester of your second year (summer), and anyway only if you have formally included it in your online study plan.

All students who wish to do an internship, both within and outside Unibo, must take the online course on Health and safety in study areas.

The only internship available is:
- 300 working hours (2 full months) for 12 Credits.

If, for any reason, you wish to interrupt or extend your internship, or if you have concluded/accomplished your tasks and hours earlier than planned, you must inform the Internship Office. In particular, any extension needs to be formally authorized by the Internship Office, and anyway cannot exceed by 20% the internship length, as initially agreed.
The internship should be in any case completed within 6 months from its starting date, and interns should not work more than 40 hours per week.

How to choose an internship:

  • Applying to existing offers on the database: submit your CV and - optionally - a cover letter (CV+letter -> one file only). Should your application be of interest, the chosen company/institution will ask you for an interview.
  • Applying with a company that is on the database, but has no current internship openings: you can still show them your interest, by sending them a letter of inquiry. If your "spontaneous" application  is approved, ask the Internship Office to publish an offer addressed to you (known as “ad personam” offer), via the internship database.
  • Setting up a new internship agreement:
    If you contacted a company or institution which is not on our University database, an agreement should be made between University and the company/institution, prior to starting your placement. Just email and provide:
    - your name, student number, and degree course
    - name of your host company and email of your contact person on the internship site.
    The Office will get in touch with the company/institution, explain them how to register on the Unibo database and set up an agreement. The offer will then be published on the database for you to select.
    , you can carry out your internship and then ask for its recognition (check this link)

Before starting the internship:

Once you are accepted, the company approves your online application and prepares the work plan for the internship.
This has to be approved through the online system by Prof.ssa Maria Giulia Roversi Monaco, who is the internship tutor for CLaBE.

Once approved, you receive an email with the instructions to:
- print the work plan
- sign it;
- obtain the signature of the supervisor from the hosting company;
- upload it on online together with a copy of the ID of the supervisor from the hosting company.

You have time until the first day of your internship to complete the above procedure. This will allow you to print the “attendance sheet” from the online system, which is essential to get the internship started.

During the internship:

You need to fill in your attendance sheet and activity log. Should you be requested to perform activities not included in your work plan, please inform the Internship Office. The attendance sheet has to be signed by the Head of the hosting company or a delegate for confirmation.

Whitdrawal, interruption, suspension

If, for any reason, you wish to interrupt or extend your internship, or if you have concluded/accomplished your tasks and hours earlier than planned, you must inform the Internship Office. In particular, any extension needs to be formally authorized by the Internship Office, and anyway cannot exceed by +20% the internship length (as it was initially agreed).

At the end of the internship:

At the end of the internship, you have to upload on the online system the attendance sheet, which has to be filled in and signed. Then, you will be directed to the online final evaluation form. Once the attendance sheet and the online final evaluation form is completed, the Internship office will validate the activity and the professor in charge, will register your ​internship on your online career.  It is not necessary to book a "registration session" on AlmaEsami anymore. 

For students who already started their internship and received the paper documents (attendance sheet and final evaluation form) from the Internship Office: please fill them in and hand/email them back to the Internship Office for the activity registration.

Recognition of a working activity as a curricular internship 

If you already have any work or internship experience that is relevant with CLABE subjects and goals, you may apply for its recognition as a curricular internship. 

Insurance cover

The University of Bologna guarantees insurance cover for interns against accidents at work and third-party liability claims. These policies are written by insurance companies specialising in the sector. In the event of tansfers to work destinations not indicated in the internship programme, you may request an extension of the insurance cover - even during the internship itself. - as long as such transfers are relevant to the internship goals.


School's Internship Office

The Internship Office offers you the necessary information and support for research, activation, and management of both learning internships and post-graduate internships. Furthermore, the office may help you with the reparation of your CV and motivational letter.
It organizes job oriented seminars, mock interviews, as well as events with diverse job testimonials, companies and institutions in order to introduce you to the recruitment process and job opportunities.
Within the Tirocini Online platform it is possible to consult the list of internship offers and apply for the internships within selected companies, both Italian and foreign.

School's Intership Office (Ufficio Tirocini)

Via Filippo Re 8, 40126 Bologna

TEL: (+39) 051 2091253

Office Hours:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 9.00 - 11.15 am
Thu: 2.30-3.30 pm