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Degree Certificates

Other certificates, self certifications and Diploma Supplement:

Degree certificates and models for self-certifications are available for download on your SOL profile a few days after your Graduation day, in the "Certificates and Self-certifications" section. Make sure you choose to download the right option for your purposes. Please click here for more information on the downloadable certificates, self-certification models, on how to request specific certificates, and on the Diploma Supplement.

Official Degree Diploma (Degree Parchment)

A few months after graduation, you will receive your Degree Diploma (original parchment) directly at the address for communication purposes that you have indicated on your SOL profile. Please check such address, and edit it if needed (you will be reminded of this at a specific stage of your graduation application.)

If you wish your Parchment to be sent to an address outside of Italy, about 4 months after graduation please write an email to the Registrar's Office ( from your account. In the email text you will:

Ask the Registrar's Office to post the parchment to your non-Italian address.
Indicate your (reliable) delivery address
Attach a copy of your passport.