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General info on Exams

To register for an exam/final, students must go on the AlmaEsami application by using their Unibo email account provided during the enrollment. 

Students can enroll to an exam starting from 20 days and until 3 days before the date of the exam. 

For CLABE, exams are planned immediately after the end of the course. Students have 3 chances per year to give an exam (3 appelli). However, it is strongly recommended to take the exam immediately after the course. This schedule ensures that a student completes the required credits in the most appropriate order and in due time and allows his/her to dedicate the last part of the third year to the internships and research for the final dissertation. 

Please visit the CLABE Academic Calendar page to check the exam sessions. 

The final examination at the end of a course is defined by each professor. It can be either a written or oral test; it may include midterm assessments, class presentations, project groups and essays. 

Exams are graded on a basis of /30, possibly with Laude18 is the passing grade. If a student fails an exam, he/she has the opportunity to retake it in a following date.

Exams and laboratories will be registered by each professor through the AlmaEsami informatics system; students will be able to see the registered marks and print certificates on AlmaEsami.