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Orientation services

Activities to support students in choosing a degree programme and at any time during their studies.

Counselling and Orientation for prospective students 

Deciding what to study at the University can be both exciting and intimidating. Often, students may not be certain on how to begin exploring their options or they may feel anxious about making the “wrong” choice. Our counselling services may help them choose the right degree programme, provide support on admissions and clarify any doubt they may have. Students will receive information about learning outcomes, teaching activities and career opportunities.

Unibo counselling service contacts (general counselling on Unibo degree programmes)
CLaBE contacts (specific for CLaBE)

CLaBE also takes part in the counselling orientation initiatives promoted by the University, and organises specific events to present its curriculum and to provide students with all the information they need to start their studies. these events are:

  • AlmaOrienta: February 26 and 27,2019 - at Fiera di Bologna;
  • Open week: organised by the School during the Spring term;
  • Welcome Week: before classes start in September, the Programme's representatives meet incoming students and provide them with the information on the Programme’s teaching activities and organisation;

Guidance for prospective students: get in contact with Clabe

If you are an high school and and you would like to meet Business and Economics representatives, please contact us at 
Also visit Almaorienta - Scuole Superiori

Guidance for current students

Career services for graduating students