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Programme aims

The degree programme in Business andEconomics sets out to provide graduates with the skills required to embark oncareers as market-oriented managers and consultants in businesses and otherorganisations, focusing particularly on development in an internationalcontext. As the degree programme trains students in the management ofmarket-oriented businesses and organisations, its guiding thread lies instrategic management, complemented by the various functional business areas.Businesses aiming for international growth need to maintain and strengthen their own functional specialisationswhile at the same time managing the processes which orient their activitiestowards the market and allow them to operate in diversified contexts.

The development of market orientationwithin businesses requires knowledge of the consumer behaviour analysis methodsapplied to international consumer and industrial markets, the theories andtechniques of competition and sector analysis, financial, product and servicemarkets.

The degree programme in Business andEconomics aims to provide graduates with the skills required to approach andmanage specific issues related to the international presence of businesses andorganisations operating in product and service markets which target consumersor customer-businesses (Business to Consumer or Business to Business).

In order to develop an all-round knowledgeof the issues of international market orientation, the degree programme alsoprovides business skills covering all main functions, as the Business andEconomics graduate must be able to work in all business areas; even working ina specific company function, graduates will have to be able to interact andcollaborate with other functions.

For example, working in sales and marketing,with a solid grounding in international market economics, graduates will haveto interact with production, negotiating product development andindustrialisation, with finance, negotiating investments in new products andservices, and with the company organisation, negotiating and deciding on themanagement of sales networks and incentive systems.

The study programme is therefore designedto develop both solid skills in economic fields, studying the foundations ofeconomic processes inside and outside the company, business management,quantitative economics and law, as well as skills in marketing and financial,strategic and organisational business management.

Legal studies will complete the businesspackage, providing knowledge used to define legal frameworks, particularly inthe fields of business governance and contracts.

The programme also deals with the issues ofinternal monitoring, particularly concerning performance assessment andmanagement control.

The programme also allows students toconsolidate the language and computing skills, as well as develop generalrelational skills.

The curriculum offers the possibility forup to 2 internships: a standard curricular internship and an Erasmus placementmobility internship. Students are engaged by international companies and aresupported in all steps from candidature to the assessment of the internshiplearning outcomes.