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Obtain a double degree in CLABE and GMB (Licenciatura en Dirección de Negocios Globales)




May 3, 2024 - 1.00pm 


Send the email to the Tutor with all attachments needed (see below - Application Procedure)

May 10, 2024

Take part in the interview as indicated by the Tutor

May 13, 2024

You will be notified by email if you have been selected for the programme

May 17, 2024 - 1.00pm

Confirm your interest

IMPORTANT: please note that it is now necessary to obtain a study visa to go to Argentina. Check the document called "VISA - DOCUMENTS NEEDED" attached, on the right of this page.

Also, you can look at this link for further information and visit the Argentinian Consulate website.

Students won’t be able to enter Argentina unless their passport is set to expire at least six months after the final day of travel. That means that if the passport has less than six months remaining until the expiration date, it should be renewed right away.

What is the Double Degree Programme?

It is a specific programme in which eligible CLABE students spend their fourth year at UADE, as a student of the GMB COURSE - Licenciatura en Dirección de Negocios Globales. Upon successful completion of the programme (177 ECTS including educational activities, courses, exams, internship plus one more academic year at UADE), students are awarded a bachelor's degree or equivalent from both institutions.

In order to participate in the Double Degree Programme, students are required to pass all exams of the three years of CLABE and obtain all the relevant credits before departure. This is to be considered a binding condition, otherwise the student will lose his/her right to participate in the programme.

Students will be able to start the programme in Argentina either in August or in January. Selections will be once a year.

Number of available exchange places: 6 per academic year

Admission requirements

To apply to the Programme students must:

  1. be enrolled in the third year of CLABE
  2. have gained 177 ECTS by the beginning of the IV year at UADE
  3. have language proficiency in Spanish (B2 level or higher). Students will have to hand in a valid Spanish certificate by the beginning of the IV year at UADE
  4.  renew their enrolment at the University of Bologna for the academic year in which they are going to attend the GMB at UADE.

Application procedures

Students will be able to apply through a call of interest and follow three simple steps:

  • write an email to declaring to be interested in taking part in the programme
  • attach their CV, TRANSCIPT and a MOTIVATIONAL LETTER in English
  • take part in the interview as scheduled by the commission

Deadlines will be published on this page for each session.

Selection Criteria

Candidates’ evaluation will be carried out by an Examination Board appointed by the Programme Coordinator. Candidates will have to go through an interview in English with the commission, which will evaluate the students' motivation to take part in the programme and the Spanish language knowledge.