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What is OFA (Additional Learning Requirement) and how to fulfil it

OFA - What is it?

CLABE admission test (SAT) assesses general knowledge, as well as that of some specific fields. To attend CLABE it is important to know some basic mathematics, therefore students who do not reach a minimum set threshold in the maths sections of the test will be asked to do supplementary study, and will be assigned an OFA, an Italian acronym which stands for “Additional Learning Requirements”. This makes sure that university students do not have any pronounced deficits in subjects that must be thoroughly grasped, due to the very nature of the degree programme.

OFA thresholds:

  • SAT: <500/800

I was selected and assigned an OFA - can I enroll?

Yes, you can. Having been assigned OFA does not in itself prevent one from enrolling, attending lessons and sitting exams. If you are selected, you can still register to the programme and take exams, but must as soon as possible fulfill the OFA.

How do I fullfill my OFA?

As stated in the academic regulations, students who have been tasked with an additional learning activity (OFA) must pass a compulsory 1st-year exam of General mathematics not later than March 31 of the following year of enrolment.
Until that date, students who did not fulfill the OFA requirement will be conditionally enrolled in the 2nd year. They will be able to present their study plan but will not be allowed to take exams.
The student’s career will become active only after fulfilling the OFA, allowing the student to take exams of the 2nd year.

Students assigned with OFA can sit the full Mathematics exam in the Winter call - check AlmaEsami.
Students who fail to fulfill the OFA requirement within March 31, will be forced to repeat the 1st year.

Students NOT assigned with an OFA, who did not pass Mathematics during the first year, are NOT allowed to sit the full exam in the Winter call. Please, contact the professor to know how to proceed.