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Quality Assurance Committee and other Committees

Quality Assurance Committee 

The Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee supports the Director in monitoring the quality assurance procedures and promoting good practices and the overall quality of the programme. 

To this purpose, the Quality Assurance Committee is in charge of:

  • verifying the implementation of the improvement strategies promoted and approved yearly in the "Degree Programme Report" (approved by the Degree Programme Board);
  • monitoring students' progress, their feedback on the teaching activities, their satisfaction level at the end of the programme, and graduate employment rates;
  • sharing the results of their monitoring activities with the Degree Programme Board.  

University regulations require the Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee to be composed by the Director and other Degree Programme Board members, including student representatives. For CLEF:

Prof. Sergio Pastorello
Prof. Alessandro Pomelli
Prof. Flavio Delbono
Prof. Maria Bigoni

Joint Committee of the School of Economics and Management

The Faculty-student Joint Committee, to the extent of its responsibilities, examines issues encountered with the learning path and the experience of students, and draws them to the attention of the University bodies.

The Joint Committee:

  • monitors, using specific parameters, the programme catalogue and the quality of education and student services;
  • expresses opinions on the creation, activation, amendment and deletion of activities from the programme catalogue;
  • makes proposals to the School Board on education matters and on the allocation of financial resources in accordance with the University Statute;
  • prepares an annual report containing observations on the performance of the degree programme and its review activities.

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