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Guidance services

Counseling and Orientation for prospective students and freshers

The process of deciding on what to study at University can be both exciting and intimidating. Often, students may not be certain how to begin exploring their options or they may feel anxious about making the “wrong” choice. Our counseling services may help you choose the right degree programme, provide support on admissions and clarify any doubts you may have; you will receive information about learning outcomes, teaching activities and career opportunities.

Unibo counseling service contacts (general counseling on Unibo degreee programmes)
CLEF contacts (specific for CLEF)

CLEF takes part in the counseling orientation initiatives promoted by the University, and organises specific events to present its curriculum and provide students with all the information they need to start their studies:

  • AlmaOrienta: at the beginning of March at Fiera di Bologna;
  • Open week: organised by the ​School during the Spring term;
  • Welcome Week: before classes start in September, the Programme with its representatives meets and greets freshers and provide information on the Programme’s teaching activities and organisation;

Guidance for current students

  • Unibo counseling service for current students: Unibo general counseling Office organising workshop, panels and tutoring sessions.
  • Internship Service
  • Also, events and seminars specific for CLEF students are regularly organised to help students successfully navigate through the career development process. From Insurance to Journalism, from Project financing to Central banks, from Healthcare to competition policy and many others: professionals with an academic background in Economics present their current job and career, explaining what their job "means" and how they got there.

Career services for graduating students