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Professional profiles

professional profile

Professional profile

Economic and Financial Analyst

Function in a professional context:

The programme aims to train professionals able to work aseconomic and financial analysts, as well as preparing for programmes ineconomic journalism or master-level studies in economics, finance andmanagement.

Either self-employed or as employees, economic and financialanalysts perform economic and financial analyses and provide advice to privateand public entities. They:

- Provide financial consulting with respect to investmentand funding plans;

- Monitor company equity and financial assets, including theuse of liquidity;

- Gather information for financial statements and evaluatefinancial securities (stocks and other bonds);

- Liaise with credit institutes;

- Analyse financial statements to provide recommendationsfor individual companies (buy/sell, long/short);

- Analyse data to study relationships between fundamentalcompany variables (size, book-to-market) and macro variables;

- Evaluate the riskiness of financial activities;

- Optimise stock portfolios in terms of risk/return;

- Advise traders on operations (buy/sell, long/short) oralso work as traders;

- Competently document and explain economic and financialdata to both a specialist and a non-specialist audience.

competencies associated with the function:

Ability to understand the fundamentals of economicactivities of individuals and organisations and their interaction in a marketeconomy.

Understanding of financial markets.

Logical, theoretical, and analytical skills to understandsocio-economic and financial phenomena.

Empirical analytical skills to understand socio-economic andfinancial phenomena.

career opportunities:


Insurance companies

Consulting firms

Economic and financial journalism

Social, economic and financial research bodies

Companies with financial management activities

Companies working on international markets

Public administrations

The Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Finance gives accessto second cycle studies: Laurea Magistrale (Master's Degrees) and MasterUniversitari (Professional Masters Programmes)

Continuing to study

The Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Finance gives access to second-cycle studies: Laurea Magistrale (Master's Degrees) and Master Universitari (Professional Masters Programmes – what is this?)