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School of Economics, Management and Statistics

The School of Economics, Management and Statistics of the University of Bologna is the ideal environment to receive an outstanding education with a global perspective.

The School runs first-cycle Degree Programmes (Bachelor's Degrees) offering a sound methodological basis and rigorous training meeting the best international standards. The teaching approach is comprehensive and interdisciplinary. This enables students to acquire a wide range of transversal skills in the fields of economics, management, statistics and finance. Teaching programmes are closely connected to the business world, thanks to a network involving over five hundred firms collaborating with the School and offering internships and placements. 

The School also offers second-cycle degree programmes (Master's Degrees) and a range of Professional Masters allowing students to acquire in-depth skills in multiple sectors, such management of cultural organizations, health economics and management, economics and law, tourism management, cooperation with non-profit organizations, environmental economics, financial and insurance analysis, management of international companies, and many, many more.

The School of Economics, Management and Statistics works on a Multi-Campus basis, with learning opportunities being shared between the Campuses of Bologna, Forlì and Rimini.

Bologna Campus of the School of Economics, Management and Statistics

Bologna Campus

The Bologna Campus is an excellent seat of higher cultural and professional education with a high international profile. It offers an ideal context in which to acquire a globally-oriented cultural and professional grounding. This is due to the presence of top-ranking teachers and an internationally-framed programme catalogue, with a number of degree programmes and professional Masters taught in English and/or awarding double degrees.

The teaching activities benefit from the lively commitment to research of the academic staff: the Departments of the School are top-ranking in Italy and abroad due to the quality of their scientific output.