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Understanding your course structure diagram

The links provided in the CLEF course structure diagram page will show you your yearly module plan.


To show you the exact course structure diagram you need to follow, it is essential that you click on the link indicating the academic year of your first enrolment (or matriculation) in CLEF, and not the link of the academic year we are in.

For example, if you started your CLEF studies in autumn 2018 (and so you first registerd in CLEF in a.y. 2018-19), you have to click on the link saying "Course structure diagram for students enrolled in a.y. 2018-19", even though now we are in a.y. 2020-21. 

By clicking on the a.y. of your first enrolment in CLEF, you will see the exact module plan that you have to follow for the whole 3 years of your degree.

For students in the second or later years of their CLEF studies, some modules in your plan (->plan related to the year of your first enrolment in CLEF) may be listed but with no lectures available in the current a.y.: these are “deactivated modules”. You still have to follow exactly your original plan, and take exams for these exact (and not similar) modules. You can take exams for deactivated modules during the current a.y.  For deactivated modules (only), one exam date can be set in each exam session (one in winter, one in summer and one in September). For an exam date to be set, students must make a specific request to the CLEF tutor. In order to find out the course programme and access study materials for deactivated modules, students would need to contact the module leader.