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Health and Safety Training Courses

How to enroll and attend the compulsory Health and Safety Training Courses for students enrolled in the degree programme

In collaboration with the Prevention and Protection Sector, every year the University organises Health and Safety training courses, according to the Italian Law (Legislative Decree 81/08 of the Consolidated Safety Act).

It is an important activity designed for University students who carry out or plan to carry out internships, thesis or teaching activities in the laboratories and thus are considered as employees, according to the Italian Law.

The participation to safety training is compulsory to develop the awareness of the risks and the knowledge of the actions to take for your safety.

The training courses

The complete training course is composed by three modules, one of general training (Module 1) and the other two of specific training (Module 2 and 3). General training and module 2 (specific training – part I) are offered in e-learning mode at the following link:

Module 3 (chemical and biological risk) consists of frontal classes and is held according to the contents and the schedule mentioned in the Project Sheet attached.

Students are invited to check this page to be constanstly updated on upcoming courses.

How to enroll and get the certificate

Students will be notified and invited to attend Module 3 (Advanced Specific Training, medium risk) by the Education Service Office “Pharmacy and Sport Science (Settore Servizi Didattici “Farmacia e Scidenze Motorie”). Module 3 deals specifically with the chemical/biological risk.

In order to attend Module 3 it is necessary to enrol in accordance with the schedule set out in the annex called “Module 3 Schedule in SOL”.

After attending the course and having passed the final test, a certificate will be issued.

It is important to know that such certification will be obtained on a frequency of at least 90% of the hours required.

For information

Settore Servizi Didattici
Viale Berti Pichat 10, 40136 Bologna