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Final examination: procedures

To graduate, you have to sit a final examination designed to verify that you have reached the education objectives set by the Degree Programme.

Extension of the exam session and final examination deadline to 15 June 2020

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the exam session and final examination deadline for the 2018/19 a.y. has been extended to 15 June 2020 (Decree-Law No. 18 of 17 March 2020).


Who is eligible for extension

If you were unable to graduate in March due to issues related to the emergency, you can submit a graduation application for the extraordinary session, but only if you are enrolled regularly, “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree course) or as a repeating student in the a.y. 2018/19 in the last year of a full-length degree programme.

You are only eligible for extension if your study plan was complete and you fulfilled all attendance requirements by the end of the a.y. 2018/19.

In detail:

  • if you are enrolled regularly, “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree course) or as a repeating student in the a.y. 2018/19 in the third year and, by the end of the academic year, you included in your study plan all the learning activities planned in your degree programme in order to take the exams and graduate;
  • If you have to take exams in order to meet all the necessary requirements, please contact your teacher directly within April, 14th, because exams will take place from 15th to 22nd April, 2020. If you did not take the language proficiency test, from 3 April 2020, on the University Language Centre website, you will find all the information you need to take the test.

Who is not eligible for extension

You are not eligible for extension if:

  • you failed to meet attendance requirements by the end of the a.y. 2018/19;
  • you made changes to your study plan in the a.y. 2019/20 and took exams related to that study plan;
  • you did not have a complete study plan, so in the a.y. 2019/20 you had to make changes to include exams:
    -  you are enrolled regularly, “fuori corso” (past envisaged completion time for the degree course) or as a repeating student in the a.y. 2018/19 in the third year, and in the a.y. 2019/20 you made changes to your study plan to include exams because you did not have the 180 university educational credits you needed to graduate;

Please note: this is not an early session of the a.y. 2019/20. If you are enrolled in the a.y. 2019/20 in the last year of a full-length degree programme, you are not eligible for extension.

You are also not eligible for extension if you had enrolled regularly in the a.y. 2018/19 in the last year of a full-length degree programme and are now enrolled in the a.y. 2019/20 as a repeating student.


What to do if you are eligible for extension

If you are eligible for extension, from 31 March you must go on Studenti Online and select the extraordinary session. The dates of the session for most degree programmes are the following:

  • Deadline for application: 10 April, late enrolment to the session not permitted
  • Admission requirements deadline: 22 April
  • Deadline for uploading the paper: 11 May
  • Deadline for supervisor’s approval of the paper: 18 May

The graduation session (if scheduled) will be held from 25 to 29 May (further information will be provided in due time).

The graduation is achieved upon discussion of the Final Dissertation, which is meant as final ​assessment of the  Learning outcomes of the Degree Programme. The final examination consists in writing a short report on a subject pertinent to your studies, elaborated in an original way, under the guidance of a supervisor. The dissertation will be discussed publicly during a specific final examination session in front of a Board (at least 3 ​member, of which 2 professors of the degree programme​).
The Board will assess your performance using your curriculum as a reference. During the dissertation discussion, you may use slides and the Commission may ask you in-depth questions on methods, results and any developments of your work.

Graduation application

Enter Studenti Online within the deadlines set for the application submission (Graduation) and the requirements (see below), in order to submit your online application

Admission Requirements

The graduation application is valid for just one graduation session. If you graduate in a later session, you will have to re-submit your graduation application and pay only the duty stamp.

Graduation fees: €32, valid for the entire academic year.  The payment slip is generated automatically at the end of the online application procedure and can be downloaded from “studenti on-line" ​under “TAX SITUATION”. Payment method: online with credit card, or at any Unicredit branch, upon presentation of the payment ​code.

Should you miss to graduate for the declared session, you should inform the Students administrative office, and apply anew for another session. In that case:

  1. if the next session is within the same academic year, you do not have to pay any amount for the new application;
  2. if the next session is during the following academic year, you must pay € 16.00 for the renewal of the application for graduation.

Fullfillment of the requirements

All exams must be completed. Please check on AlmaEsami that your exams and credits have been registered. N.B. Please check the correct registration of all exams on "Self-certification online"

  1. Finalize online procedure (payment of extra fees);
  2. Fill in the application form online > "Graduation":

Final requirements

    • Fill in Almalaurea questionnaire online (or exemption form for those who do not fill in the online questionnaire);
    • Final check for fees and exams;
    • Online Supervisor's approval.

GPA and defense schedule

The GPA  will be available on this page (see Attachments) no earlier than the week before graduation session.

The Graduation Committee, the schedule of the defense and the list of graduating students will be available online about two weeks before the defense date (see Attachments).


The Board will assess the candidate's overall performance – dissertation, curriculum, time taken to complete their studies, transfers from another University or another programme – applying specific rules for each Degree Programme.
The Board expresses its assessment with a grade out of one hundred and ten. The exam is deemed to be passed with a minimum grade of 66/110 and a maximum grade of 110/110. In the case of granting a maximum grade, the Board may also grant honours (lode) by unanimous decision.
See the information on how to calculate the average score based on your study programme

  • The criteria to assess dissertations are:

    • originality of the subject,
    • correct methodology,
    • level of in-depth analysis,
    • adequate writing and editing,
    • ability to express and present the dissertation.

    For further information on the matriculation of the previous years, see the website page.

    The Final Examination Board, having taken into consideration the dissertation discussion and your curriculum, will decide the final grade, which will be proclaimed after the discussion (or published on the last day of the Graduation Session on Studenti Online).

The following elements can be added to the weighted GPA:

  • 0,33 points for each Laude;

  • Graduation in due time:

    - within July: 3 ​points
    - within December: 2 ​points
    - within March: 1 point

  • 1 point to all candidates with lower grade not below 21/30

  • 1 point to the students that spent an exchange period abroad (Erasmus, Overseas)

  • Points for the final thesis ​from 0 ​to 3 points according to the decision of the committee;
  • final grade Cum Laude in case of appropriate requirements.

Winter graduation session (March)

Students expecting to graduate by the ​Winter session do not have to pay the fees for current academic year.

  • In case payment has been provided (although not necessary), and the student graduates within the winter session, reimbursement will be refunded automatically, but the duty stamp. In this case the  enrolment in the new academic year will be cancelled. To request the refund of regional taxes, the student must contact the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education (ER.GO) directly.
  • In case payment for the current accademic year (started in October) has not been provided, as the student ​planned to graduate within the winter session (by March), but for any reason, fails to do so, the student will have to pay the full amount of the tuition fees for the current academic year, plus the extra fees for the delay, before registering for any activities, graduation procedure included. 

Graduation ceremony 

The proclamation and announcement of the final grade will take place (immediately after the discussion). The President (or a delegate) will proceed with the proclamation for each candidate.

Graduation certificate is available online under “autocertificazioni online” a few days after the declaration, while the parchment (pergamena - the original handwritten diploma) will be sent to the correspondence address (domicile or residence) registered on Studenti Online. All students are invited to carefully check the address used in the graduation application and, if necessary, amend it. Any errors could cause serious delays in delivery.

The certificates will be sent at the expense of the University, following notice to your university e-mail address, within four months from the final date of the graduation session in which the degree was obtained. In any case, it is possible to obtain a degree certificate even a few days after the final examination. 

Rules of Conduct

When the final examinations take place, candidates and guests must comply with the following rules of conduct.

  • Arrive on time at the scheduled venue;
  • Wait for their turn, without causing disruption to any other teaching activities;
  • Do not stand in the indoor area after the proclamation;
  • Celebrations must take place outside avoiding excesses and maintaining a sober and appropriate behaviour.

Littering (indoor and outdoor spaces) with food, drinks and confetti is strictly forbidden.  In the event of disturbances, the President of the Examination Board is authorised to suspend the session.


For any doubts, check the FAQ on Unibo website.



One graduation session is scheduled each year. The session includes a number of dates, each with their deadlines for the submission of the graduation application, requirements and dates.

Academic year 2019/2020

Online application (Graduation)

Students can sit and register exams until the deadline stated in the fourth column (graduation requirements)

Deadline for belated online application (payment of late application to the final dissertation € 100)

Online Thesis upload          Supervisor approval + graduation Requirements      Final examination date         
15 May 2020 25 June 2020 25 June 2020 02 July 2020 16 (17) July 2020
24 August 2020  --------- 26 August 2020 28 August 2020 10 (11) September 2020
15 September 2020 01 October 2020 01 October 2020 09 October 2020 29 (30) October 2020
15 October 2020 16 November 2020 16 November 2020 30 November 2020 17 (15) December 2020
15 January 2021 19 February 2021 19 February 2021 26 February 2021 25, 26 (30) March 2021