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Intercultural and linguistic mediation

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Programme aims

Specific learning outcomesof the Programme The degree programme in “Intercultural and Linguistic Mediation” aims to provide an appropriate level of knowledge of the methods, cultural andscientific content and skills pertaining to the study of foreign languages,language mediation, liaison interpreting and translation, in line with Italianand EU legislation. More specifically, graduates in Intercultural and Linguistic Mediationwill acquire the following competencies and skills: - Inter-linguistic and intercultural communication skills in Italian andat least three foreign languages; … Read more

Admission requirements

Admission requirements To enrol in this degree programme candidates must have either an Italian 5-year high school diploma or equivalent foreign qualification, or an Italian 4-year high school diploma plus additional catch-up year. Where the catch-up year programme is no longer available proof must be supplied that the additional learning requirements have been met. For the admission test candidates need to possess language skills at least of B2 level (according to the European framework definition). The admission test is compulsory for all candidates and consists of a series of… Read more