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Programme enrolment: requirements, deadlines and methods

General information on admission requirements
Admission to the second-cycle degree programme in Advanced Cosmetic Sciences requires possession of a first-cycledegree or a bachelor degree awarded… Read more

Call for application

ADVANCED COSMETIC SCIENCES -  University of Bologna - Rimini Campus

The 2nd cycle degree programme Advanced Cosmetic Sciences is an open access degree programme with assessment of personal competencies and skills.

The language of teaching is English.


Non EU and EU applicants: without limitation

Please note: Intake 3 is open to EU applicants only.

There you find specific admission requirements , deadlines and how to apply for admission to the programme.

If you have a foreign qualification read the specific information before continuing.

If you are a non-EU citizen resident abroad read the specific information prepared for you.

The call for applications is availble in full-text: read it carefully, collect the specific documentation which should be provided along with the application, then apply online in StudentiOnline.

The information provided here below is an introduction to help you get started with your application to the 2nd cycle degree program  ADVANCED COSMETIC SCENCES.

The admission to the 2nd cycle degree program ADVANCED COSMETIC SCiENCES is subject to the possession of 1st cycle degree or other suitable qualification obtained abroad and acknowledged as adequate in Italy.

The admission to the 2nd cycle degree program is also subject to the application process and , within the deadlines specified in the calendar for each intake, in order to check the possession of curricular requirements and to  the suitability of the personal knowledge.


To be eligible candidates have to meet the following requirements:

Curricular Requirements

1. The possession of a 1st cycle degree in one of the following classes:

  • ex D.M. 270:

L-27 Chemical Sciences and Technologies

L-29 Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies

LM-13 Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy


  • ex. D.M. 509/99:

21 Chemical Sciences and Technologies

24 Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies

14/S Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy


  • Previous five-year degree programme system: Degree in Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Technology


  • Any other degree obtained abroad that is recognized by the Second Cycle Degree Board as equivalent to the previously listed degrees.

2. If none of the previous degree certificates has been obtained, the candidate should:

  • have obtained at least 60 CFU in basic scientific learnings (CHIM/01-CHIM/12, BIO/9-BIO/12, BIO/14, BIO/16, BIO/17, BIO/19, MED/07), among them at least 25 CFU should be obtained in the following learnings: CHIM/01-CHIM/12, BIO/10

The admission to the 2nd cycle degree is dependent on the knowledge assessment of the candidate in the following cases:

- if the candidate is in possession of one of the 1st cycle degrees listed in point 1 obtained abroad in a non- Italian University

- if the candidate is in possession of another type of 1st cycle degree, obtained in Italy or abroad, or of the credits indicated in point 2

- if the candidate is in possession of one of the 1st cycle degrees listed in point 1 obtained in an Italian University with a final mark lower of 100/110

For the candidate who has one of the 1st cycle degrees listed in point 1 obtained in an Italian University, the knowledge is assessed if the 1st cycle degree has been obtained with a final mark at or above 100/110

More details in the call for applications.

Graduating students:

Applicants who have not completed yet their first level degree (Bachelor) may apply, but they must graduate at latest within the deadline for late enrollment established by the University of Bologna. Otherwise, their application will be discarded.

Language requirements

Knowledge of the English language is also required and compulsory: we require an English language proficiency minimum at B2 level (level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference) .

The language requirement is to be certified according to the criteria outlined in the call for applications.

Assessment of personal preparation

The Admission board will assess the adequacy of applicants' personal preparation. 

Admission to the degree program is subject to the assessment of personal competencies and skills, that will be ascertained through the evaluation of the candidate's curriculum and any other useful documents. The assessment is documents based. NO INTERVIEW IS REQUIRED.

The results are published and available in the university portal Studenti online.

Tuition fee amounts: without exemptions, the full amount per year in a.y. 2023/2024 was € 3.472,64 , please scroll down for further information. Information for academic year 24.25 will be soon updated.

The possibility to matriculate online by filling in the application form and paying the first instalment of tuition fees will be available within the deadline for late enrollment yearly established by the University of Bologna.

Tuition Fee Amounts

Tuition fees are calculated based on the 2023 ISEE value with special subsidies in relation to the right to higher education. First year students with an ISEE value up to a specific threshold benefit from full exemption; the relevant ISEE threshold will be released by the end of May 2023. Above this limit, tuition fees are calculated progressively.

The ISEE value must be submitted, even if you have not enrolled in the Degree Programme, by 30 October 2023, at 6:00pm (or by 15 November 2023, at 6:00pm, paying a €100 penalty) accessing ER-GO Online Services, alternatively you will have to pay the full amount.

If you are an international student, verify how your tuition fees will be calculated according to your country of origin and the country where your family has income and assets.

Read all information about tuition fees and exemptions.


After you have checked that all the admission requirements have been met, you can enrol on  Studenti Online:

  1. fill in the application for matriculation with the required information and attach a passport photo in digital format;
  2. pay the first instalment of your tuition fees;
  3. follow the instructions to complete the procedure which you will find on Studenti Online according to your profile.

List of deadlines

Intake 1 -EU and NON EU applicants from 2024-02-05 00:00 to 2024-04-04 12:00
Intake 2 - EU and NON EU applicants from 2024-04-08 00:00 to 2024-06-20 12:00
Intake 3 - EU applicants only from 2024-06-27 00:00 to 2024-09-12 12:00