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Academic Cooperation Agreement with the University of Southern California-USC

The Academic Cooperation Agreement between the University of Bologna and the University of Southern California, USA, has been signed and become operational in 2015.

The agreement, involving the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna and the Viterbi School of Engineering from the university of Southern California, represents a further step forward towards the ongoing commitment for internationalization and excellence of our degree programme.

The Departments coordinated by our School involved in the agreement are: Architecture (DA), Industrial Engineering (DIN), Electrical, electronic and information Engineering (DEI), Civil, chemical, environmental and materials Engineering (DICAM) and Computer science and Engineering (DISI).

The University of Southern California is one of the world’s leading private research institutions. The academic cooperation agreement signed by our two universities aims at fostering various activities and exchanges in academic education and research areas of mutual interest, such as:

  1. exchange of faculty;

  2. exchange of graduate students;

  3. exchange of courses based on remote-learning multimedia platforms;

  4. organization of seminars, workshops and symposia on subjects of common interest;

  5. organization of exhibition and other scientific and professional events;

  6. realization of research projects of common interest;

  7. presentation, publication and dissemination of the above results.

In the first stage of the agreement implementation Professor Enrico Paolini from the Department of Electrical Engineering of our university offered the Introduction to Spacecraft Communication course to the USC students pursuing an Astronautical Engineering path. The course was delivered in E-Learning format between February and May 2015.

In exchange, from academic year 2015-16 our Master Degree course in Aerospace Engineering offers its students a brand new elective course in Spacecraft Subsystems and Space Mission Design which will be delivered by Professor Daniel Erwin and Professor James R Wertz. The course is offered in E-Learning format and consists in the recorded lessons held at the Viterbi School of Engineering by the two experts in the fields of astronautics and space mission design.