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Curricular Internships and dissertation-related internships

The curricular internship is designed for students who wish to spend a period of vocational training. To do this in an organization or in one of the University labs, students must be authorized by their degree Internship Committee.

Dear students, the next Internships Commission will meet on Monday 11 January 2021.



Curricular internships are learning activities that allow students to obtain credits, contemplated in the course structure diagram, acquire practical skills and make initial contact with the world of work.

Internships are carried out on the basis of an agreement between the University of Bologna and the Host Structure (company, public body, etc.) then an internship programme is signed by these two parties and the student.

N.B.: A curricular internship cannot be carried out in a company/organization whose legal representative, associate or director has family relationships or similar relations (up to second degree relatives) with an applying student.

Who is eligible
Students enrolled in their 2nd year can apply for an internship if this activity has been included in their study plan.

Students enrolled in 2015-16 can choose as an elective course:

  • Internship (cod. 71137) 12 CFU 300h

Students enrolled from 2016 -17 can choose between the following activities:

  • Internship (cod. 71137) 12 CFU 300h

-    Internship abroad (cod. 85319) 12 CFU 300h


As above the internships for this course normally have a duration of 300 h (1 CFU= 25h). It is possible to do 20% more (therefore 360 h). The extension request must be sent by the Host Structure to the Internship Office via email copying in the student and the University Tutor. The Internship Committee will then authorize the extra hours. The total hours must be completed within 6 months from the start date.

How to choose the Host Structure

The first thing to do is to talk to a professor of your degree course.
Internships may be carried out in University structures or externally, either in Italy or abroad.

To choose where to carry out the internship, you can look at the list of structures, which have an agreement with the University and/or look at internship offers already published on Tirocini online.
If none of the above interest you, you can send an application to any other structures and, if approved, ask the Structure to publish an offer addressed to you (known as “ad personam” offer), via the University's internship application. 

If the Host Structure does not already have an agreement with the University, an agreement must be made first and, once it has been signed, the internship request can be submitted.

The Host Structure who does not have a valid internship agreement is supposed to register online and wait for the necessary approval from the Internship Committee (who usually meet the first Monday of the month, expect August). Timing depends on the Host Structure collaboration and on the Internship Committee agenda.

When new agreement between UNIBO and the Host Structure will be signed, the student will be able to submit their request online that will be evaluated from the following Internship Committee.


How to submit an internship
Students can request an internship solely via the Tirocini online.
Once you have identified the Host Structure, you need to agree with your University Tutor and with the Host Contact Person, your learning objectives and activities, the time lines to achieve them and all the other details required to complete the internship programme.
Once all internship details have been defined, you will be able to submit your internship application online. Please insert in the “note” field of the online application the full activity name included in your student study plan adding the n° of credits and the amount of hours required.

Internships in UNIBO Laboratories

In case of an internship in a UNIBO laboratory you will have to address your application to “Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna” selecting the internal structure from the menu specifying the name of the lab. Please remember to  write in the “note” field of the online application the full activity name included in your student study plan adding the n° of credits and the amount of hours required. For further information, please download the students handbook attached and read the specific information regarding health and safety below.

Approval of the internship
Applications will be submitted to the competent Internship Committee only after the university tutor approval (online). If the Internship Committee approve your request, you will receive an email then you will be invited to download the Internship programme, sign it and get it signed and sealed  by the Host Structure Contact Person and upload it online together with the Host Contact Person ID (for internal internships is not compulsory to attach a copy of the ID). After that, it will be possible to download the attendance register and start.
The Internship must be carried out between the start and end dates shown on the Internship programme. If you need to extend the hours, remember to communicate it to the Internship Office.
Only for internal internships (e.g. Unibo labs) where the Host Structure Contact Person and the Academic Tutor are the same person it is not necessary to have the internship programme signed by the Host Structure (moreover it not required to attach the professor ID card).

During the internship
During the internship, you must keep in contact with your University Tutor, to whom you can refer to for any support or advice you may need on how to carry out your activities, and you must record your daily activities in the attendance register.
At the end of the internship, make sure that the attendance register is countersigned by the Host Contact Person.

Withdrawal, interruption, suspension
If you intend to withdraw from or interrupt your internship, you must notify it to the Internship Office sending an email copying in the Structure Contact Person and the University Tutor stating your reasons.

What to do at the end of the internship

At the end of the activity, students are supposed to:

  • Upload the attendance register (please check that it has been completed with the necessary signatures and stamp);
  • Write down and upload a Final Report (no more than 15 pages)
  • Fill in the online questionnaire;


The Internship Committee, on the basis of the documents uploaded, (previously controlled by Internhip Office) and after checking the tutor evaluation will approve the internship and will go on with the online registration in AlmaEsami.

Request for recognition of work carried out

You may request the recognition of credits as for an internship for work that you carried out in the last two years. To obtain recognition, students must complete and present a specific form (internship recognition form) and attach the following documents:

  • copy of the work contract


  • a declaration about the activities done signed by the Company Responsible Person where it is stated the length of the contract (to prove that the amount of the hours are equal on more than those of the internship) and the specific qualification.
  • Report on the job done

Please note that only relevant work experience (related to the Aerospace engineering) will be considered. The attendance of courses/seminars in any kind of schools or higher education institutes will not be taken in consideration.

After checking the admissibility of the request and the completeness of the documentation, the Internship Committee will express a favourable or adverse opinion.

Insurance cover
The University of Bologna guarantees insurance cover for students against accidents at work and third-party liability claims. These policies are written by insurance companies that specialise in the sector.
In the event of travel to locations or structures not indicated in the approved curricula internship programme, you can request an extension of the insurance cover - even during the internship - on condition that the travel concerned is consistent with the objectives of the internship. Travels not included in the Internship Programme will have to be communicated to the Internship Office.

Online courses on health and safety are compulsory for all students

For internships inside UNIBO laboratories, it is recommended to complete online course on health and safety by attending a further module of 4 hours. Please contact Ing. Veronica Rossi to know more information about next courses schedule.


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