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Quality Assurance Committee and Other Committees

In order to carry out some of its functions, the Degree Programme Board is assisted by committees comprised of teachers involved in the programme. These committees are listed below, indicating their specific functions and contact persons.

Quality Assurance Committee

The Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee supports the Director in monitoring the quality assurance procedures and promoting quality.

To this end, the Quality Assurance Committee is in charge of:

  • verifying the implementation of the improvement measures approved yearly by the Degree Programme Board in its review report;
  • monitoring the careers of students, their opinion on the teaching activities, the level of satisfaction at the end of the programme and graduate employment rates;
  • sharing the results of their monitoring activities with the Degree Programme Board.  

University regulations require the Degree Programme Quality Assurance Committee to be composed by the Director with the collaboration of other Degree Programme Board members, including student representatives:

Prof. Fabrizio Giulietti​, Degree Director

Prof. Paolo Tortora

Prof. Fabrizio Ponti

Prof. Alessandro Talamelli

Prof. Enrico Troiani

Prof. Lucia Romani

Prof. Alessandro Ceruti

Susanna Borelli (student representative)


Study Plan Committee

The Study Plan Committee assesses:

·         applications to change or transfer to the Degree Programme;

·         changes to the study plans of the students enrolled in the Degree Programme;

·         the admissibility of students who do not meet the admission requirements indicated in the Teaching regulation for the Degree Programme.

Prof. ​Fabrizio Giulietti, Degree Director

Prof. Enrico Troiani

Prof. Dario Modenini

Major Master's Thesis and Thesis Preparation Committee

Prof. Sara Bagassi (Chairman) 
Prof. Alessandro Bellani (Member)
Prof. Alessandro Ceruti (Member)