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Expected learning outcomes

The expected learning outcomes are how a student must know, be able to use and be able to demonstrate at the end of each segment of the educational path.

The learning outcomes are established by the Degree Program in coherence with the skills required by the training application and are articulated in a progression that allows the student to successfully achieve the requirements set  by the external  request for training.

The study plan is made up of teaching modules organized to achieve objectives for the construction of knowledge and skills. Each module requires a certain amount of knowledge already acquired or qualifications obtained previously.

For each area of ​​learning, which groups teaching modules according to the common objectives that characterize them, the knowledge and skills the area is proposed as an aim are described.

It is then possible to open all the tabs where each teaching module explains in detail its own particular learning outcomes that contribute to the area objective.

Finally, the characteristics of the work to be developed for the degree thesis are described, that is the final project that the student must face in order to complete his/her training proving to have reached the required level of autonomy.

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