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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to some FAQs from Prospective Students

To whom the programme is mainly addressed to?

The course is mainly thought for students who want to achieve an advanced knowledge in the Aerospace Engineering area, in an international cultural environment.

The programme, targeted to students with a sound technical background, decision-making and leadership potential, will equip students with skills for the management of complex aerospace engineering projects, design and analysis of aeronautical and space systems, including their dynamics and control, materials and technologies, processes and propulsion needs.

It is particularly indicated for those students who want to spend a period of study abroad with the international programs offered by the University of Bologna (Erasmus+, Overseas, Double Degree programmes and others).

May I ask to be transferred from a master degree course I'm already attending in another University?

Yes, you can transfer from another master degree course (either taught in Italy or abroad), after positive assessment in the selection procedure and upon admission to the course according to the Call for applications published every year in November-December. 

You can ask for recognition of the credits acquired in the previous master's degree upon assessment of the consistency of the subject group and contents of the learning activities with the same specific learning outcomes of the AEROSPACE ENGINEERING Degree Programme. You can write to the Chairman of the course for a prior evaluation of your previous exams.

Is the course equivalent to a Laurea Magistrale, according to the Italian Regulations?

Yes, for the Italian regulation this is a Laurea Magistrale.

I do not hold a Bachelor degree yet. May I apply anyway?

Yes, candidates can apply even if they do not hold a Bachelor degree yet. Candidates admitted to enrol on the academic year 2024-2025 must obtain the bachelor's degree by the end of December 2024.

I do not hold a Bachelor degree in aerospace engineering, may I apply anyway? 

Yes, candidates with different bachelor degrees may apply. The Call for applications 2024-2025 specifies which engineering and scientific degree areas are accepted and how the degrees will be evaluated by the Evaluation Commission. 

Candidates with a degree different from aerospace engineering should be aware that, if admitted to the programme, must include the 12 ECTS 'Fundamentasl of Aerospace Engineering' module in their study plan.

I do not hold a certificate of at least B2 level. May I apply anyway?

No, a valid certificate is necessary in order to be admitted to the selection procedure. Accepted certificates are listed in the call for applications.

Candidates who do not hold a B2 level certificate must get one before applying. They can check on the University Language Centre of the University of Bologna website for possible English courses and tests and/or apply autonomously for an international certification among those accepted by the master's degree.

I obtained my English language certificate of B2 level more than 3 years ago. Do I meet the English language requirement?

For the purpose of the admission to the master's degree, certificates issued after 01/01/2021 will be considered valid.

How many students attend the master's degree?

For Academic Year 2024-2025 a maximum of 80 students are admitted, and their selection procedures are published in the “Call for applications”. 

What if I missed the application deadline for the selection procedure?

For academic year 2024-2025, the deadline for the first selection procedure is January 30th 2024 at 4pm. Non-EU citizens living abroad can only apply for that selection procedure. 

EU citizens and citizens with an equivalent IT citizenship can apply for the second selection procedure and for the third on in case there are still places available upon conclusion of the second selection procedure.

In case there are still positions available after the second selection round, a third selection procedure will take place for the same type of candidates in September.

Where can I find information on financial support and lodging in Forlì?

Please see the web pages for financial support opportunities at the University of Bologna and lodging in Forlì.

How much does the programme cost?

The University of Bologna has adopted a method of calculation based on the economic situation of each student. The annual tuition fees are published at the following page: