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“Health And Safety In Workplaces” – Training Courses For Students

Mandatory courses for students of the School of Engineering in the Forlì-Campus in order to take part to activities in Laboratories of the University of Bologna (teaching activities, internship and thesis) and to access external internship programs.

Courses in Health and Safety in workplaces are mandatory for all students which carry out activities in University of Bologna laboratories (teaching activities, internship or thesis work), on the base of the Italian Law (Article nr. 2 and nr. 37, Text Law nr. 81/08).

Workers Training is composed by two parts, a “General Training” and a “Specific Training” on the risks related to  working activities and to work environments.

General Training and the first part of the Specific Training are provided in e-learning as “Module 1 – Safety General Training” and “Module 2 – Safety Specific Training (Part 1)”.

Online modules accomplishment provides a certification, both in Italian and in English.

Students of all the engineering degree programs in Forlì (including old degree programs) must attend also a second course on specific risks in work environments, the “Module 3 – Safety Specific Training (Part 2)”. This course is not available in e-learning.

Registration to “Module 3” must be entered on the “Students OnLine” platform (personal login credentials are required): available courses are published in the “Booking” section.


“Module 3” Courses scheduled in Forlì

Italian edition:

08/02/2021 ore 9.30 – 13.30

16/02/2021, ore 14.00 – 18.00

19/02/2021, ore 14.00 – 18.00

13/03/2021, ore 9.30 – 13.30

English edition:

09/03/221, ore 9.30 – 13.30

All courses will be in streaming on the Teams platform

Important Remarks

General Training module provide a no expiring certification, which is recognized in private and public companies  in Italy, whereas Training on Specific Risks (part 1 and 2) certifications expire after 5 years.

On the base of the University of Bologna “Internship Regulation”, General Training must always provided by the University, even if the internship activity is carried out in external companies.



More information about the e-learning training modules are available at the page “Online courses on Health and Safety in study and research areas”.


Information about typical risks in teaching and research activities are provided at this page (the page is available only in Italian).

Health and Safety in Workplaces On-site Contact Person of the Industrial Engineering Department

For information on:
-Mandatory Courses on “Health and Safety in Workplaces” for students, according to article 37 of Text Law nr. 81/07 and to specific Agreements.
-Industrial Engineering Department Internal Regulation for accessing Laboratories

Veronica Rossi
Laboratori di Meccanica e Aeronautica
via Seganti 103-Forlì (FC)