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Offices and Facilities closed

7th and 8th December

Published on 02 December 2020

ICARO 2021 - entrepreneurship training ground for university students

ICARO offers a selected number of students the opportunity to work in multidisciplinary groups to resolve challenges defined by local businesses. Register by 13 December.

Published on 01 December 2020

Second semester: blended teaching activities

Teaching activities in the second semester of the a.y. 2020/21 will be carried out both online and in class.

Published on 30 November 2020

European Researchers' Night returns to Bologna and the cities of Emilia Romagna

Online event with more than 250 researchers, workshops, experiments, discussion opportunities, and webinars on current hot research topics.

Published on 18 November 2020

Next Traineeships Commission

23 November 2020

Published on 10 November 2020

Coronavirus: measures introduced by the new Decree

The new measures on in-presence and remote teaching and library services came into effect on 5 November.

Published on 04 November 2020

Space missions science, design and applications (SPICES): Open Day

November 6th from 11 am to 1 pm (online on Zoom).

Published on 30 October 2020

100GB monthly SIM cards for students and first year students of the University of Bologna - a.y. 2020/2021

The scheme is available to students with an ISEE indicator up to €50,000. Deadline: 30 November.

Published on 30 October 2020

MATLAB Seminar


Published on 28 October 2020

Next Internships Commission

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Published on 20 October 2020