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Academic calendar

General Information about the teaching calendar for Academic Year 2020/2021

There are no less than six exam dates for academic year, and in any case a number of dates to guarantee students a reasonable planning of their load of exams. Exam dates must be appropriately distributed during the exam period, with not less than 15 days from one date to the other.

Some rules of good organization, regarding the exam session scheduling:

- to avoid overlapping of exams related to teaching activities delivered in the same year every time it is possible;
- to avoid scheduling exam during the lesson period, to allow all students to attend all classes, up to the end of the same;
- to set the dates well in advance, checking the availability of classrooms through the School offices, before publishing the exam date on AlmaEsami;
- to set at least two exam dates in the exam period immediately following the end of the lessons, and at least one in every other exam period following the end of the lessons.

Teaching calendar - Academic Year 2020/2021

1st semester: lessons starting from 16/09/20 to 22/12/2020
                         exams starting from 07/01/2021 to 19/02/2021

2nd semester: lessons starting from 22/02/2021 to 04/06/2021
                           exams starting from 07/06/2021 to 15/09/2021

No activity for holidays: 7th and  8th December 2020, from 24th December to 6th January 2020, 4th February 2021, from 1st to 6th April 2021, 2nd June 2021.


Teaching calendar - Academic Year 2021/2022

1st semester: lessons starting from 16/09/2021 to 22/12/2021
                         exams starting from 07/01/2022 to 18/02/2022

2nd semester: lessons starting from 21/02/2022 to 01/06/2022
                           exams starting from 06/06/2022 to 16/09/2022

No activity for holidays: 1st November 2021, 8th December 2021, from 24th December 2021 to 6th January 2022, 4th February 2022,  from 14th to 19th April 2022, 25th April 2022, 2nd June 2022.