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Academic Calendar

Lecture terms, exam dates

For the a.y. 2024/2025 lectures will take place as follows:

12 cfu course units – total of 60 hours:

I semester: from September 16th 2024 to December 20th  2024

II semester: from February 10th 2025 to  May 16th 2025

1 Year course: from September 16th 2024 to April 30th 2025

6 cfu course units – total of 30 hours:

I term: from September 16th 2024 to October 25th 2024

II term: from November 11th 2024 to December 20th 2024

III term: from February 10th 2025 to March 21st 2025

IV term: from March 31st  2025 to May 16th 2025


From October 28th 2024 to November 8th 2024

From January 2nd 2025 to February 7th 2025

From March 24th 2025 to March 28th 2025

From December 23rd 2024 to January 7th 2025 (Christmas)

From April 17th 2025 to April 22nd 2025 (Easter)

May 2nd 2025 (bank holiday Workers' Day)


From October 21st 2024 (for courses of the I term)

From December 9th 2024 (for courses of the I semester)

From December 16th 2024 (for courses of the II term)

From March 17th 2025 (for courses of the III term)

From April 14th 2025 (for 1-year courses)

From April 28th 2025 (for courses of the II semester)

From May 5th 2025 (for courses of the IV term)  


I session: from June 30th 2025 to July 11th 2025
II session: from October 27th 2025 to November 7th 2025
III session: from March 9th 2026 to March 20th 2026