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Are you a Company or an Institution?

Information for Companies/Institutions on how to publish an internship offer 

Companies and Institutions can host students from the University of Bologna who submitted a study plan with one or more internships, in compliance with Regolamento Tirocini di Ateneo.

How to activate an internship

In order to host a student Company/Institution has to:

only after the signature:

  • on publish a curricular internship offer from “offerte” (offers) menu: offers may be ad personam in case student has already been selected or addressed to one or more courses in case you’re looking for students (please refer to slide in the box on the right)


 How long does it take to activate an internship

Usually the signature of the agreement requires one week after its registration.

One the company/institution accept a student application, the internship can usually start after 15 working days.

Insurance and business trip

The University of Bologna guarantees insurance cover against accidents at work and third-party liability claims only for the period approved and recorded on the attendance register. Please, for more info on the insurance covers visit this link “Insurance for students

In order to obtain an extension of your insurance cover in case of business trips to locations not defined within the approved internship program, these trips has to be previously communicated to the internship office and to the internship tutor who must approve them.

How long an internship lasts

The duration of a single internship depends on the number of credits required by the single degree to which the student is enrolled (25/30 hours for 1 CFU) and can take place within the period defined on the attendance register.

What to do at the end of the internship

Once the student has completed his/her internship hours, the tutor of the hosting institution has to:

  • sign the student attendance register in order to certify the internship hours carried out
  • fill in the internship questionnaire