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Lecture attendance

Class attendance is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Many students find that regularly attending classes is the most convenient and efficient way to complete their degree program.

If you are in your first year, it's important to start off on the right foot! University implies a significant change in your study methods and evaluation. Establishing the correct pace is crucial to prevent falling behind in acquiring your education credits (CFUs) by the end of the first year.


Here are a few compelling reasons to attend lectures:

  1. A teacher's guidance and support are essential for enhancing and completing the learning process. Learning is not a passive activity; it involves unlocking your potential through interaction.
  2. Throughout your educational journey, you grow, improve, and develop your projects by engaging in discussions and comparisons with others. Attending lectures provides you with the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students in your degree program, form study groups, exchange notes on various subjects, share experiences, and strategies for exam preparation. It's a valuable opportunity worth experiencing.
  3. When you're in class, you are actively studying, ensuring continuous learning without missing a beat!
  4. Active participation in practical disciplines like laboratory work and internships is essential.