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Grants for admitted students

In order to incentivize the enrolment of students, the Department of Economics will award 3 grants, distributed as follows:

n.2 grants for the first intake.

n.1 grant for the second intake.

Each scholarship amounts to € 4608 gross of taxes. The scholarship is granted for one academic year.

Grants that are not assigned in one intake will be assigned in the following intakes. Grants that are not assigned after all intakes have taken place, will be assigned in the following academic year.

Grants are reserved to students enrolling in the Laurea Magistrale APPLIED ECONOMICS AND MARKET for the A.Y. 2023/2024 and that have been admitted with a minimum score of 65/100 points.

Grants will be granted by the Admission Board of the Degree Programme, based on the admission ranking. Only students who meet the eligibility requirements will be considered (see section “Eligibility”). In case of two or more candidates obtaining equal results in the ranking, the grant will be awarded to the youngest candidate.

Grants will be assigned based on the admission ranking, starting with the first admitted student and going down to the second, third, and so on. If one of the students fails to accept the grant and/or declines the grant, the grant is granted to the student who comes next in the ranking.

The ranking for the assignment of the grants is approved by a decree of the Director of the Department of Economics.

Students who are selected for the grant will be informed by e-mail at the address that they will provide when they apply for selection in the platform “studenti online”.  Within 10 day from the reception of the news about the award of the grant, candidates should send an email to and state that he/she accepts the grant at the terms stated in this procedure, without further conditions. Failure the accept the grant is tantamount to decline it.

The payment of the grant will take place only if these conditions apply:

  • The student actually enrols in the study programme Applied Economics and Markets (he/she should pay of the first instalment of tuition fees and have her/his student status active)
  • The student has filled in the relevant forms for the payment. 

The payment will take place by means by in one of the following methods:

  • Bank wire transfer to an account in the name of the beneficiary, with IBAN in the SEPA area;
  • Bank wire transfer to a rechargeable reloadable prepaid card, with IBAN code, in the name of the beneficiary;
  • Bank wire transfer to an account in the name of the beneficiary outside the SEPA area, with commissions fully borne by the beneficiary (commissions will be charged to the recipient).

Incompatibility with other grants
The grant is compatible with other financial grants that may be/have been obtained by the beneficiary, unless the incompatibility is attached to these stated for the other financial grants that the student may have been awarded. Students should It is down to the beneficiary to check whether other grants/grants they benefit from are not compatible with the grant awarded by the Department of Economics. In such a case, they should opt choose for one type of grant or the other.  

Declining the grant or losing of the grant
Students who intend to decline the grant should send an e-mail to stating their decision. If a student declines the grant, the grant it will be assigned to the next following student in the selection ranking, who is admitted with a score of minimum 65/100 points.