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Academic calendar

Academic Calendar A.Y. 2019/20

nformation about the teaching calendar (lectures, laboratories, exams) of the School of Engineering and Architecture, Bologna and Ravenna Campuses.

Lessons for the Degree Programmes of the School of Engineering and Architecture in Bologna and Ravenna Campuses will follow the calendar below:

I Period: from 18/09/2019 to 17/12/2019
II Period: from 19/02/2020 to  05/06/2020

Exam sessions:

First period: from 18/12/2019 to 18/02/2020
Second period: from 08/06/2020 to 11/09/2020

Lesson suspension for Easter holidays: from 09/04/2020 to 14/04/2020 included.

Lessons for the first year of the Single cycle Degree Programme in Architecture and Building Engineering will follow the calendar below:

I period: from 07/10/2019 to 20/12/2019 and from 07/01/2020 to 17/01/2020. Lessons will not be suspended for the graduation sessions of 18th and 19th December 2019.  

II period: from 02/03/2020 to 05/06/2020. The week following the end of the lessons, up to 12/06/2020, might be possibly used for catching up. Lectures will be suspended for the graduation sessions on 12th and 13th March 2020.

Years after the first one will follow the teaching calendar set for the other Programmes of the School, as outlined above.