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Information and procedures for host organisations.

How to set an internship agreement and publish an internship offer

Internships can only be activated if included in the study plan of the student.

All internships must be carried out on the basis of an internship agreement signed between the University of Bologna and the Host structure and an internship programme signed by all parties concerned (Student, Academic Tutor and Host Structure Supervisor).

The internship agreement represents a general understanding between the University and the Host structure, governing the rights and duties of the parties involved. It must be finalised before presenting the online internship request and hosting students as interns. 

The internship programme contains information about parties involved, internships' learning objectives, contents and activities to be carried out during the internship. It always must be approved by the Internship Board of the degree programme before the internship starts.

1.If the Host Structure has already finalised an internship agreement with the University, an internship can be arranged by:

- publishing an “open” offer (Procedure A), if the Host structure is looking for an intern;

- publishing an “ad personam” offer (Procedure B), if the student has already been selected by the Host structure and the internship activities agreed upon.

To find the username and password assigned for access to the internship app, please visit  

2.If the Host Structure has not yet signed an internship agreement with the University, it first has to register on the internship app, following the procedure "Registration online Guide" described in the Attachment box and then continue as in point 1.

Duration of the internship

The duration of the internship is determined by the number of academic credits assigned to it by the degree programme the student is enrolled on (1 CFU=min.25 hours/max.30 hours).

Internship hours must be performed within 12 months from the starting date. 

Starting date of the internship

Internship Boards only examine internship programmes already "verified" by the Internship Office and "validated" by the Academic Tutor.

Internships can only start after:

- the Internship Board has approved the internship request;

- the student has downloaded the attendance book (where is stated the starting date).

Insurance coverages for interns

Students are insured by the University of Bologna for injuries and against any damage they may cause and against any accident that might involve a third-party that may occur during the internship but only for the period authorized by the Internship Board.

In the event of travel to locations or structures not indicated in the internship programme, it is possible to request an extension of the insurance cover - even during the internship - on condition that the travel concerned is consistent with the objectives and purposes of the internship.

The Host Contact Person indicated in the internship programme must send an e-mail to and copying (cc) both the Intern and the Academic Tutor, specifying the place and the reasons for the travel, putting Internship travel in the subject line.

The notification must be sent no later than the day prior to travel.

What to do at the end of the internship

At the end of a curricular internship the Host Organisation's Supervisor has to:

1. sign the:

- attendance book to attest the number of internship hours performed by the student;

internship final report arranged by the student (only if foreseen by the degree programme the student is enrolled on);  

2.fill out the questionnaire regarding the internship on the internship app.