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Health and Safety Training Courses for students

How to enroll and attend the compulsory Health and Safety Training Courses for students enrolled in the degree programmes of Engineering and Architecture

Schedule and recipients

Starting from november 2019, a new edition of the Health and Safety Training Courses will begin. They are aimed at students enrolled in the degree programmes of Education Division - Engineering and Architecture, who have not attended the courses yet.

This is a compulsory training activity, geared towards University students who carry out (or intend to carry out) internships, thesis work or activities within labs as part of their Degree Programme. According to current legislation, these students are equivalent to workers. So, participation in these courses is mandatory and required in order to access labs with specific risks and to carry out internships, both within the University and in companies.

Period of the courses: November 2019  - June 2020

Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses offered by the University of Bologna are articulated into three modules.

General Training (module 1) and Specific Training - first part (module 2) involve all students and are available online in e-learning on the specific Unibo platform. The instructions about the access are available on the following web page:

Specific Training – second part (module 3), is organized in several fields, which have different features based on the different Degree Programmes, in order to analyze in detail the type of risks connected to the relevant activities.

In the list below, you can find the different types of Module 3, according to the DP you are enrolled in:

 “Chemical” area – Module 3B1

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering- L

Chemical and Process Engineering - LM

“Electric and Electronic” area – Module 3B2

Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering - LM

Automation Engineering - L

Mechatronics Engineering - L

Electrical Energy Engineering - L, LM

Electronic Engineering - LM

Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering - L

Energy Engineering - L, LM

Telecommunications Engineering - LM

Automation Engineering - LM

 “Civil” area – Module 3B3

Civil Engineering - L, LM

Environmental Engineering – L, LM

Architecture And Building Engineering, LMCU

Civil Engineering - LM

 “Mechanical” area – Module 3B4

Advanced Design - LM

Industrial Design - L

Mechanical Engineering - L, LM

N.B.: The modules of  the “Chemical”, “Electric and Electronic” and “Civil” areas are delivered both in Italian and in English. The area can be different than the indication in the list above, if requested by your professors or lab coordinators.

Different specific modules are offered for different groups of degree programmes (as outlined in the instruction sheet) for an overall amount of 4 hours.

Programmes’ Directors might advise students about the specific training courses to attend according to the risk involved in the activities they need to perform.

How to enroll and get the certificate

Applications for the next courses of Module 3 are open from 31 October 2019.  In order to apply and take a look at the calendar, it is necessary to enter in your personal area on Studenti Online e click the box Bookings. You will see a list of courses and activities. Click the button Book on the activity you are interested in, then it will be possible to select a day according to the place, date and hour.  

After the course and having passed the final test, students can download the certificate from Studenti Online, in the area “Certificates and self-certifications”.

It is important to know that such certification will be obtained on a frequency of at least 90% of the hours required for each module (i.e. a maximum of 25 minutes of absence for justified reasons). The certificate is also valid outside the University of Bologna and, as far as the general module is concerned, it does not expire; certifications for the other modules (specific training) expire after five years.

For further details, also read the FAQ available in the Attachments box.

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