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Professional profiles

professional profile

Automotive Electronic Engineer

The Automotive Electronic Engineer works in the design and development ofsubsystems that acquire and manage information to provide vehicles with theintelligent functions that will increasingly characterise this sector in future.
The Automotive Electronic Engineer tackles the typical aspects of electronicengineering to design intelligent subsystems, working with other disciplines inthe Information and Communication Technologies fields (telecommunications,computing and automation) to programme and coordinate these subsystems toachieve the required vehicle functions.

The functions associated to the profile of Automotive Electronic Engineerrequire a solid practical grounding in the mathematical methods used to modeland design information acquisition and control systems, the ability to designand enhance sensor systems, digital architectures for processing andimplementing controls, interconnections for local and remote data exchange, aswell as the ability to design and implement procedures used to process data toobtain the information required to drive or generally control the vehicle.
Based on a complete overview of the vehicle system, the Automotive ElectronicEngineer is able to both design, develop and produce key subsystems in cars androad vehicles, with particular reference to the premium market sector andcompetition vehicles, and to develop and manage the related technological andproduction processes.

The main career opportunities open to second cycle graduates in this classinclude the innovation and development of products and processes, advanceddesign, production planning and programming, management of complex systems inmanufacturing and service industries working in the design and manufacture of carsand motor vehicles in premium and competition sectors and the relative supplychains, both nationally and internationally.
Second cycle graduates in Advanced Automotive Electronic Engineering cancontinue their studies at PhD or 2nd cycle Master's Degree level.
Second cycle graduates also have the skills and meet the requirements of thestate laws in force to work as registered engineers in various fields ofspecialisation, registering with the Professional Engineers' Register, sectionA, sector C-Information.

Continuing to study

It gives access to third cycle studies (Dottorato di ricerca/Scuole di specializzazione) and master courses of second degree.