Vai alla Homepage del Campus di Cesena Second Cycle Degree/Two Year Master in Biomedical engineering

Classrooms, labs and libraries

Lecture halls

Lecture halls of varying size are spread between the facilities in our campus. While equipped differently, they all offer the University WIFI system free of charge.


Our laboratories enable you to try out the knowledge you have acquired. They represent a point of reference for your learning activities, thanks to the technologies available, the learning methods employed and the support provided by tutors with in-depth experience of laboratory work.


Our degree programme activities use the Department Library.
The University of Bologna offers an extensive network of structures, library and document reference services. In particular, you can use the facilities of the humanities sector and the libraries covering law, economics and political sciences and social sciences.

Study rooms

The Alfa Albatros and Beta study rooms are open right through until late in the evening; they form a welcome study opportunity and an important service for university students at Cesena.